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ComProj is an open group that is currently interested in recruiting new members. If you are interested in how the Foundation communicates, are willing to become involved in the project and perhaps have some special communication-related skills, we'd love to hear from you. Our requirements are simply that you are interested in communications, and are willing to put a decent amount of time into your project(s). We need commitment from members to get work done. To join, please do the following:

  • Add yourself to the table below
  • Join the mailing list
  • Send a note to the mailing list introducing yourself.

It is asked that all involved note that all members of ComProj are equal in standing, and that those in co-ordinator or project management positions are simply showing a different skill, in the same way graphics artists and writers are. They are separated in this table for ease of use when finding contact information.

Examples of Areas of Interest:

  • Copy Editor - writing text for pieces
  • Researcher (facts, info, pics, for brochures, video, etc)
  • Graphic Design - creating brochures, fliers,
  • Film Production
  • Translating check (making sure a translated brochure, etc, reads well in your language)
  • Project Management - providing organizational support for projects
  • Website Design - creating with graphic elements on webpages
  • General Assistance
  • Press - helping with press list and other press specific tasks

Meta user name Real name IRC nickname E-mail/Emailuser link Languages Areas of interest in communications Brief Wikimedia biography Brief real life biography
Coordinators & advisers
Cbrown1023 talk (Chair) Casey Cbrown1023, kibble Link via meta en, es-1 fr-1 Copy editor, Researcher, GA, Press, (possibly PM) See my wiki-matrix, OTRS agent Male student from USA
Sean Whitton Sean Whitton seanw Link English Press - direct PR etc. Admin on enwiki since 2006, meta admin, OTRS agent, IRC Group Contact. Sixth form pupil in the UK.
Wikiblue Sandra Ordonez Wiki_Blue English, Spanish Wikimedia Foundation Communications Manager Hired late January 2007
Bastique Cary Bass cary-* or Bastique Send emails here English, a bit of French and Spanish Wikimedia Foundation Volunteer Coordinator Steward, Commons bureaucrat, OTRS admin.
Martinp23 Martin Peeks Martinp23 English, some French (fr-2) Press, organisation, helping out enwiki admin, OTRS, wikinews accredited, IRC gnome. Also involved in Ubuntu. Happy to give things a try (hence why I'm in this section! :)).
Greeves Mitch Greeves Link English and French (at about fr-3) Press, project management, general assistance, and possibly copy editing. I would like try and manage a project or two. Admin at the English Wikipedia. Currently trying to revive Wikimedia Canada.
Historybuff Gerald Historybuff Link English, some French. Videos and audio production and distribution. Active Wikiversitan since January 2007. Liked it so much he became an admin.
Brian New Zealand Brian Anderton BrianNewZealand Link English, a bit of Maori Press, PR etc Admin on en.wp, Wikinews bureaucrat, OTRS agent
Michael Reschke talk Michael Reschke Michael Reschke Link de, en-3, fr-2 Wikiversity Active Wikiversitan (admin) since December 2006. ...
Htchien Ted (Hsiang-Tai) Chien htchien Link en-3,zh Translating check, general assistance admin of zh.wp/wn, Secretary of Wikimedia Taiwan Mobile application software engineer
Mike Halterman Mike Halterman Mike_H Mail en, fr-2, es-1, ja-1 Copy editor, researcher, project management, general assistance admin at en.wp, accounts on simple, fr and ja, Communications Coordinator Intern at WMF office Journalism student in college
Thunderhead Dodge Story WM-Thunderhead Email, IRC en Public Relations, Internal Communications, Management, General en.wn admin, Meta admin, SWMT member Student, interested mainly in journalism and English.
Kate Stamps Kate Stamps Kate S English Storyboard Artist, Illustration, Graphic Design, Film Production, General Assistance New to Wikimedia MFA Student at Hunter College, Painting & Drawing. Website
EnaamA Enaam Alnaggar None English Copyediting, research, graphic design, press Standard wikipedia user. Contributed to wikijunior book (Ancient Civilizations - Egypt) 3rd Year undergrad majoring in Biomedical Science and Creative Writing
Loco085 Leandro Kibisz loco085 email Spanish, Portuguese, English, a bit of German Press, translations Admin on es.wikipedia, es.wikinews and Commons. Member of Wikimedia Argentina. Student of journalism
Shyam Shyam --- Link English, Hindi Copy editor, Researcher, General Assistance, Press, Project Management, Translating check enwiki admin, OTRS ---
Ziko Ziko van Dijk Ziko Send emails here de, eo, nl, en Press, promotion materials, contacting other organisations Wikipedian Historian ---
seninma Madison P. Senini Madison1953 English, French, a bit of German Videos and graphics criticism. Ph.D. in Film Criticism Masters in Theatre Produced screenwriter/playwright Communications manager for Northrop Grumman
Isabell121 Isabell Long issyl0 Link English and French Translating check, general assistance, press. Wikipedian. Student in Year 10 of school in the UK.
Diagramma Della Verita Lim K.S None Link English, Malay Copy editor, researcher, general assistance, press Syop Wiki MS, Wikipedian in various languages Student, Citizen reporter
Yuyu Jeromy-Yu M. Chan jeromyu Link English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), French Translation Check, Press, PR, Copy editor (possibly promotion materials) Admin on zh.wp, Deputy-President WM Hong Kong Student of journalism in Hong Kong, born and spent his childhood in Guangzhou, China
Abdullah Harun Jewel Meer Abdullah Harun MailMe English, Bengali, Hindi Press, Graphics design, Web Dev, Copy Editing, translating. Active user in Wikipedia, bn.wikipedia, commons, meta. IT Professional, columnist
Az1568 Alex Az1568 or Az1568_ Az1568 English Copyediting, General Assistance, Project Managment See matrix, OTRS, SWMT Student
Bellayet Belayet Hossain bellayet Send emails here Bangla, English, a bit of Hindi Copy editor, researcher, general assistance, press Admin on bn wikipedia, Admin on bn wikisource Working at National Telecentre Network of Bangladesh (BTN)
Genone Angela Guerrato --Genone 12:56, 9 July 2009 (UTC) Send emails here English, expert level IV, native Portuguese, versions from Spanish, Greek, French webradio, webvideo Admin, copy-editor, educational IT researcher, livetransmissions, interpreting, webpublishing IT education, Christian software
Rand Montoya Rand Montoya randmontoya English Learning about and promoting Wikimedia projects WMF Staff since 07/08, Head of Community Giving, all around goof Raised by wolves in a cloistered puppery, sold to aliens at age 4, few manners and social graces to speak of. Likes cheese.
Anya Shyrokova Anya Shyrokova Anya English Talking about projects WMF Staff since August 08, Development Associate (fundraiser) Berkeley resident, writer, reader, studier, fake cake decorator
nitesoul Neil Gabion none :( [1] English / Filipino writing / speaking / facilitating trying to be part of the team Dell Philippines employee
WikiTome Benjamin Benjamin WikiTome English, Hebrew, a bit of Arabic History and other general information related admin, VulcanDesign graphic designer, HistoryTome editor. Jerusalem, Israel resident, male homeschooler.
CX257 Samuel Chan wingspanhkg, jz3138, CX257 [2], [3] English, Chinese (Both Mandarin + Cantonese), a little Japanese General assistance, translations and checks, simple graphics (Photoshop mainly) Wikipedian as CX257 since 2007, joined Wikimedia Hong Kong as Administrative Assistance since 2009. Native Hong Kongers, currently living in Belfast, UK as studying upper sixth.
Barizol Barry Williams Barizol Mail English Copy editor, Researcher, General Assistance, Project Management, Translating check Wikipedian since 2005 Inventory & Project Analyst with Aviation Industry for twenty years, Business Services
Just Feel It Rafhan Shaukat rafhan513 Mail me here English, Urdu and Punjabi Graphic Design, Programmer and web design. Reviewer and rollbacker on English Wikipedia. BS Computer Science student.
SkidmarkClark Athan Clark Mail English Researcher, Graphic Design, Project Management, Website Design, General Assistance, Press and Programmer. Aspiring Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Major.
Lhanna Santos Lhanna Santos Mail me here Portuguese, English, and Spanish Researcher, General Assistance. Geography and environmental studies, GIS analyst.
Rajeeb Rajeeb Dutta Mail me here English, Hindi and Bengali Count me in for any volunteer work. Co-Founder, Wikimedians for Sustainable Development User Group, Active user in Wikipedia, Commons, Meta & Outreach. IT/ITES Consultant, Brand Strategist.