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This is a historical page. The WMHK chapter was active through 2017, then transitioned to being a user group. For the active group, see Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong.
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Location of Hong Kong within China
LocationHong Kong
Country codeHK
Founding dateJuly 14, 2007
Approval dateMarch 4, 2008
ExtinctionFebruary 1, 2017 [1]
Official language(s)Chinese, English

Wikimedia Hong Kong (WMHK) is the local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The idea of founding such a chapter originated with local Wikimedians as volunteers for the Chinese Wikimedia Conference 2006. After the conference, most of volunteers formed a preliminary committee for the chapter. It was eventually founded on 14 July 2007, and was officially registered as a Company Limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, under Chapter 32 Company Ordinance of Hong Kong, on 18 September 2007. It was recognized by the Foundation on 1 March 2008. It became inactive on 1 February 2017 and transitioned to a user group.

  2013國際會議 / Wikimania 2013

使命和遠景 ※ Mission and Vision


  • 對外推廣維基媒體的應用
  • 宣揚自由文化予香港的各界人士
  • 鼓勵自由創作
  • 提倡正當地使用知識產權
  • 促進各類學術知識的交換和傳播


The major aims of Wikimedia Hong Kong can be described as follows:

  • To promote the use of Wikimedia Projects.
  • To advocate Free culture to the general public in Hong Kong.
  • To encourage the freedom of artistic and literary creations.
  • To advocate the correct understanding of intellectual property.
  • To advocate the exchange and dissemination of academic knowledge.

Wikimedia Hong Kong will launch different kinds of activities and events on relevant topics, independently or collaborating with local endeavors, to achieve the aims above.

如何加入?※ How to enroll?


Wikimedia Hong Kong welcomes Wikimedians who are associated with Hong Kong either by birth, ancestry or residency. If you want to join us, please refer to our Recruitment page and Notes for Membership Applicants. You're also welcome to send your inquiries to


A Charity registered in Hong Kong No. 91/9316
香港維基媒體協會有限公司 香港九龍中央郵政局郵政信箱73859號
Wikimedia Hong Kong Limited, P.O. Box 73859, Kowloon Central Post Office, Hong Kong

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