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According to Articles of Association of Wikimedia Hong Kong Limited, the membership fee of the company shall be divided into 2 parts - the Foundation Fee and the Annual Membership Fee.

  • 會費用作本會日常事務及行政工作的經常性開支。會員須於入會時及其後每年繳交會費。
Membership Fee is used for the regular operational and admintrative expenditures. All members should pay the Membership Fee annually since they had registered as members.
  • 香港維基媒體協會發展基金的設立,是為了方便本會之長遠發展用途。會員須於入會時繳交基金費。
the Development Fund of Wikimedia Hong Kong is set up for the long term development of Wikimedia Hong Kong. All members must pay the Foundation Fee when they register as members.

首年會費決議 ※ Fees for the first year

  • 籌備委員會第五次會議議決通過,協會成立後首年度的會費詳情如下:
    • 入會費港幣貳拾圓正
    • 年費港幣伍拾圓正
    • 不設學生會員優惠
  • According to the resolution of the 5th meeting of the Organizing Committee of WNHK, the membership fee of the 1st year was confirmed as follows.
    • Foundation Fee as HK$20
    • Annual Membership Fee as HK$50
    • No special discount for students