Communication Projects Group


About the Communications Projects Group


The Communication Projects Group (sometimes referred to as CPG or ComProj) assists the Foundation's press department and the Communications Committee (ComCom) in their work.

The group also aims to provide central places where communication volunteers from all projects can gather to brainstorm, seek help, or get involved in scoping new projects. The group is primarily composed of (we like to think) creative individuals - writers, graphic designers, film makers, public relations, marketing professionals and project managers. But anyone who is interested in doing communications work is welcome (so long as they're patient). We all know how many communication tools there are. So be patient and try and get your group to give us an idea of which communication tools would be the most relevant (i.e. useful)

The group primarily works on improving inter-Project communications rather than speaking on behalf of the Foundation. We try to make sure that communication flows freely, both up and down as well as across in a coordinated manner.

How to Participate


There are many ways to participate. If you are new to the entire Wiki world, we encourage you to read through the new contributor manual. Additionally, we ask that you list your contact information and areas of interest on our group membership page.

Alternatively, you could just make a note of your main user account on the discussion page under Advocates, and put all of your other accounts on that userpage. We're trying hard to figure out the best way to support different groups who are working to set up communication channels across Wikimedia Foundation projects, and beyond.

Mailing list


The first thing you should do is read and then join the ComProj mailing list.

The group has an IRC channel on freenode: #wikimedia-cpg, where members can socialize and brainstorm. If you are new to the IRC world, then this page may be useful as an overview. You don't necessarily need to download a client to join us for the meetings, you can just select "#wikimedia-cpg" from the dropdown list on Chatwikizine and click "login" and you'll be there! In keeping with the idea of using free and open software, we suggest using Firefox and downloading the 'Chatzilla' add on, which should be pretty intuitive (we hope). But whatever works for you is the only thing.

First Steps


1) Seek help for your own communications project - You should send an email directly to the ComProj email list. A member will create the project page and/or help you get orientated.

If you are part of a Wikimedia Chapter, you may also get in contact with a ComProj Chapter liaison, who can provide you with assistance, or contact ComProj on your behalf. Additionally, you may seek individual volunteers if you are seeking someone with a specific skill, such as graphic designer.

2) Participate in a ComProj project. We encourage you to contact the project contact of the particular project you would like to get involved with - see this page.

3) Create a new ComProj project. Please make sure to add to our projects list, and send an email to the ComProj mailing list asking for assistance. It's always very useful to write (say) 50 words there about what you want to do so others can chime in if they're interested.

ComProj news

  • Weekly Meetings - ComProj hosts weekly meetings every Wednesday at 20:30 UTC. Please add your agenda items, under the upcoming meeting date.