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Hello, I am Ziko van Dijk (male, his/him), a German who lives in the Netherlands. Since 2003 I have a Wikipedia account, and in 2008 I joined Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Nederland. I am the co-founder of the Klexikon, a children's encyclopedia in German.

This 'user page' on Meta Wiki informs about me and my relationship to the Wikimedia movement.

Before the Single User Login, I was Ziko-W at Meta Wiki, and Ziko-C at Wikimedia Commons.

Person and Wikimedia movementEdit

Ziko van Dijk, 2017

As a historian (Dr.) and Wikipedian my main topic is the history of the 19th and 20th century (Germany, the Netherlands, international relations). Besides, I try to make the Wikipedia articles easier to understand and improve the help pages.

In the Wikimedia movement I am interested in organizational structures, education and outreach. From April 2011 to March 2014 I have been the chair of Wikimedia Nederland. On German Wikipedia I have been a member of the arbitration committee (Schiedsgericht). Currently I serve as the secretary of the Wikipedia & Education User Group.

About my experiences at international conferences I reported in my travel diaries.

Wikipedia 48 is my private project to write 48 articles about the German Revolution of 1848/1849


On German Wikipedia I was a mentor, and I have written a German Wikibook for the self learner who wants to become a Wikipedian: „Eigene Beiträge“. In August 2010 Open Source Press published Wikipedia. Wie Sie zur freien Enzyklopädie beitragen, a text book in German. The book is now online on Wikimedia Commons.

In March 2021, my new book about wikis and Wikipedia was published.

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