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There are some guidelines for Community Events and Projects support. Community Events and Projects support, based on the below guidelines. Through such support, CIS-A2K would like to help catalyze community driven events, projects and celebrations of key milestones. You are requested to go through the following guidelines before making an application:

  • Only Indian citizens are eligible for this support.
  • Please sign in to your Wikimedia account to post your request.
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    The community may plan for on-ground events like one-two day workshops, edit-a-thons or photo walks as well as online edit-a-thons or contests of one week to one month duration. The projects could be of one month to maximum three months duration.
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    The applicant will need to seek the support from the community on the respective project village pump. After the discussion, at least 5 active community members should support the request. Then the application will be placed in the Events & Projects section of the CIS-A2K request page.
  • Kindly apply 30 days in advance for projects/events with a budget of less than INR 40,000/- and 60 days in advance for projects/events with budgets exceeding INR 40,000/-.
  • You are strongly advised to notify all Indian mailing lists, language-specific mailing lists and village pumps about the proposed event or project and the requested grant.
  • The project proposal should include a clear scope, objectives, implementation plan, deliverables and expected impact. The project budget can be up to a maximum of INR 1,00,000/-.
  • If the requested project budget exceeds INR 40,000, then a project evaluation committee formed by CIS-A2K will evaluate the project.
  • Once the estimated budget is approved for the event, the community has to take care of the expenses according to the approved budget.
  • If the actual expenses exceed more than 10% of the approved budget, the project coordinator has to provide a valid explanation for the same for getting the sanction.
  • All the event expenses bills should be in the name of CIS-A2K, except for public transport & travel tickets.
  • All the original bills for expenses incurred for the event should be submitted to CIS-A2K by speed post, as we are statutorily obligated to provide these for an Audit.
  • Flight tickets will only be considered if the travel distance is more than 1000 km with prior approval well in advance.
  • Reimbursement of travel, stay and food will be done as per norms set by CIS-A2K.
  • When the event is happening, one of the CIS-A2K programme staff needs to be involved either remotely or in person.
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    After the project completion, the project report submission on Meta is mandatory.
  • Wikimedia Foundation & CIS contractors, grantees, and staff will not be eligible for this support.