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A bot is a robot designed for performin certain repetitive tasks on a wiki. Bots typically require permission tae be ane, an are occasionally uised bi negative editors (such as vandals) tae damage a wiki's content. wiki has a page about this at:
Meta Bots.png

For the seestem "bot" is a uiser groop; Special:Listusers/bot produces a leet o aw uisers who are member o this group. In addeetion, "bot" is a uiser richt. Edits bi a uiser wi this "richt" (rather: property) bi default dae nae shaw up in recent chynges. Typically a uiser o type "bot" haes uiser richt "bot". Uiser richts are eften cried "flags"; bots wi user richt "bot" are eften cried "flagged" bots.

Runnin yer ain bot

Current an proponed bots

Miscellaneous bot pages

  • Bot policy
  • Lists of bots - whaur tae find bots uised bi Wikipedie an ither Wikimedie foondation bot faimilies.
  • Vandalbot – advice on dealin wi malicious bots
  • robots.txt — file which tells wab robots hou tae index yer steid.
  • Rollback — includes instructions for uisin "bot rollback" tae hide vandalism frae recent chynges
  • Botopedia internaitional project for generatin Wikipedie airticles frae statistical data.

Framewirks an interfaces for bot development

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