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Botas yra robotas, skirtas atlikti tam tikras pasikartojančias užduotis vikiprojekte. Botams dažniausiai reikia leidimo ir jie kartais yra naudojami neigiamų vartotojų (vandalų), kurie gadina viki turinį.

Special:ListUsers/bot produces a list of all accounts which are member of the “Robotai” user group . Additionally, “robotas” is a user right. Edits by a user with this “right” (read: property) do not show up in recent changes by default. Typically, a user from the group “Robotai” will have the “robotas” user right. User rights are often called “flags” and bots with user right “robotas” are often called “flagged” bots.

Savo roboto paleidimas

See Manual:Creating a bot on for full instructions.

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