Grup d'Usuaris Viquimedistes Bascos

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Members of the current user group have been active for several years now, engaging in activities that include workshops, edit-a-thons, townpedias, and other education related events.

Basque Wikimedians
User Group

Basque Country (greater region)
LocationFlag of the Basque Country.svg Basque Country
Affiliate codeBAQ
Approval date26 February 2016
Official language(s)Basque
Other language(s)
Logo in Basque

El Grup d'Usuaris Viquimedistes Bascos (eu. "Euskal Wikilarien Lankide Taldea) es un grup format per membres actius dels projectes Wikimedia en basc que estàn interesats en organitzar i participar en activitats de difussió al País Basc. Els membres d'aquest Grup d'Usuaris ja han estat actius des de fa anys, organitzant activitats com ara tallers, editatons, localpèdies i altres activitats relacionades amb l'educació.

Basque Wikimedians meeting (2017-02-18)


  • Diffusion of local and universal knowledge in Basque language by way of all kinds of free documents;
  • Promotion of the use of the Basque Wikipedia by encouraging its edition and reading;
  • Increase in the number and quality of articles;
  • Increase in the number of Wikimedia's editors;
  • Outreach work in schools, universities, museums and libraries spreading by social media the word of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects;
  • Participation in and promotion of activities related to Wikimedia's educational programs accross the Basque Country;


  • Wikipidians in Residence;
  • Regular meetings for discussions;
  • Workshops;
  • Editathons;
  • Contests;
  • Wiki camps/picnics;
UEU Wikidata ikastaroa (2017-07-03)

Activities in 2018

  • Archive:
Activities 2018
Activities 2017 (also 2017 activities planning)
Activities 2016