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2019 has been a very active year for the Basque Wikimedians. Most of the focus has been on education on account of the extensive Education Program started in 2017. The Donostia-San Sebastián Wikimedia Education Conference taking place on 5-7 April marked a milestone in the annual activity record.




Education programEdit

Students at the Medical School learning how to edit Wikipedia. This is one of the many Wikipedia workshops done in 2019

The most important section of our project is the Education Program. In this program we are training students and teachers to write Wikipedia. It is difficult to list all the courses here, but we can mention which have been the main works done and some general results.

Since we started the Education Program we have been in at least 152 classrooms. Many of us have not signed up for our system for different reasons: because they are underage, because the work they are going to do is not susceptible to follow up, or simply because we have given them a lecture without further articles. Thus, about 170 classrooms will have heard our presentation.

In our system, 2,537 students have registered, but as said before, many of them have not been tracked because of privacy issues. On the other hand, many students have done their work in groups, and only one has registered. With a quick calculation we can think that we have been working something with about 3,000 students, and that another 2,000 students have heard about the operation of Wikipedia without participating in any program. However, this is a quick calculation, because it is difficult to follow up thoroughly when large conferences are offered in the centres.

These students have added at least 2,900,000 words to Wikipedia in Basque, about 5.5% of our content. Changes made to Txikipedia or promoted to Wikisource are not counted in this statistic. They have added 3,320 bibliographical references using the standard reference system (there will be more if we take into account those introduced in an inappropriate format).

Students have edited 2,260 articles, of which 882 are new articles. In this statistic we do not include the work done in Txikipedia because it cannot be tracked yet. It can be calculated that about 300 articles have been created in Txikipedia, so at least 2,500 articles have been edited and about 1,200 articles have been created. 1,440 images have been added to the Commons (many of them belonging to the project with Ahotsak also appears here). The most important thing: these articles made by the students have had 473,000 visits (once again, without taking into account the Txikipedia). In total, it is estimated that the works made by the students have had about 500,000 visits.

You can read the full report here.

Wikimedia+Education ConferenceEdit

Group photo

Wikimedia+Education Conference took place in Donostia, on 5-7 April 2019, and welcomed 120 attendees from both the Wikimedia and the education community: volunteers, program managers, educators, teachers and researchers. The first edition of this new format was the first conference built by and for the education enthusiasts in our movement (and Wikimedia enthusiasts in education), to encourage the community to meet, share knowledge around Wikimeda, and collaborate in new and innovative projects in the future. This conference was organized by Basque Wikimedians User Group, with the help of ten volunteers from the community. The sessions, keynotes, talks, workshops and overall participation was satisfactory, and the main goals were met.

You can read the full report here.

Other activitiesEdit

Media coverageEdit

Wikimedia+Education ConferenceEdit

Full coverage in media, interviews on public television and an interview with Katherine Maher for 7K, among a really wide variety of media coverage for those days.