Basque Wikimedians User Group/Reports/2021

During 2021, the dynamics of our events and programs has still been conditioned by the Sars-CoV pandemics. However, the Group has kept undertaking initiatives, especially related to the Education Program.

Education Program


Programming with informatics students


Students from the Faculty of Informatics of the University of the Basque Country have contributed to the Wikipedia by creating new articles, but also by programming. We took up this new initiative in 2021. As reported in the Platform EgelaPi and the Informatics Wikiproject, five students have developed 5 programming tasks assisted by their professor Kepa Sarasola:

  • Introduction into Wikidata of data related to 14 important personalities from the regional area of Tolosaldea (assigned to students Ekhi Azurmendi and Asier Alaña).
Interactive map of the mountains in the Basque Country (

See full list of the activities pursued by the Faculty of Informatics.

Txikipedia in Zumaia High School


In the 2020-2021 academic year, a lesson subject centred in Txikipedia, the junior Wikipedia, has been established at the state-run Zumaia Secondary School. In addition to feeding Txikipedia, photos and audio files from Zumaia have been uploaded to Commons. A total of about 150 articles were written by 13-14 year old students. The program will continue active in the coming academic years.

GLAM and others


UEU (Basque Summer University; Wikidata works)

Cooperation between INGUMA and Wikidata databases.(CLARIAH-EUS.2021)

Titles of the papers and their authors from the journal UZTARO have been transferred semi-automatically into Wikidata, carried out by Aitzol, Emilio, Marije, Galder and Kepa. As the same work can be done with articles and authors from other magazines and journals, in August 2021 it was done for the journal ALDIRI by means of OpenRefine (Papers of the journal ALDIRI in query.wikidata. In November this work was presented as a poster in a scientific workshop on Digital Humanities (Cooperation between INGUMA and Wikidata databases, CLARIAH-EUS, 2021-11-26).


Stall at the Sarako Idazleen Biltzarra (October 2021)


  • Euskal Wikipediak 20 kandela, program Biba zuek, TV station ETB1, 2021-12-17.
    • Galder Gonzalez (time: -01:53:20): history of EUWP, first article Lurra.
    • Mikel Fdez Arroiabe (time: -01:37:20): outlining Txikipedia, Secondary School program in Zumaia.
    • Ana Zelaia (time: -01:28:50, and 27:00): EHU, Faculty of Informatics, Minerals, Map of Basque Country.

Full Coverage in the corresponding page of the Faculty of Informatics, and Biba zuek, TV station ETB1.