This is a collection of any wishlists which anyone proposes. Wishes are commonly of the following sorts -

  1. Requests for the Wikimedia Foundation to provide certain features through software development
  2. Requests for miscellaneous staff support from paid staff at the Wikimedia Foundation, including
    1. Research reports
    2. Wikimedia community legal guidance
    3. Consideration of options for financial resource investment as part of the Wikimedia Foundation strategic plan
  3. Requests for complicated community policy changes to be developed through community volunteer conversations which require labor intensive organizing

If anyone has small wishes that could be made real with funding, consider organizing a grant request at Grants:Start.

Annual Wikimedia Foundation Wishlist Survey edit

The Community Wishlist Survey is an opportunity for the Wikimedia Community to propose and vote on wishes to be enacted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wishes must be of the sort which can reasonably be granted within a year. The Wikimedia Foundation attempts to grant the top 10 wishes.

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