2013 general wishlist

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A wish list. These would be nice to have one day.




  • track visits to www portals


  • solicit donations of art
    • use Wikimedia's influence?
    • strengthen GLAM
  • implement crazy-good [[search by color, by size, by file type, etc.
  • support more file types!
    • favicons, etc.
  • Mailing lists search doesn't exist
    • Especially problematic for private lists
  • Media search on Commons is terrible
    • Files
      • Search by size
      • Search by keyword
      • Search by shape?
      • Search by file type
    • Audio and video
      • Length
    • Images
      • Search by color
      • Fuzzy image searching (for dupes, etc.)!
  • w:Wikipedia:Dump reports — regexing wikitext
    • Laxative
    • BigQuery? Hadoop? Something else? This is possible now, just needs implementation; could standardize lots of articles more easily


  • Configuration user interface for MediaWiki
    • Also has to support Wikimedia wikis (oh God)
  • Queued user renames
  • User deletion/deactivation process (there's a bug about this somewhere)
    • Related to both: abstractify the MediaWiki database; stop storing username everywhere (there's no bug or RFC for this currently)


  • Rewrite mailman?
    • God it's so awful. The entire FLOSS community would thank you...
    • ^From and pipermail
    • Search system for archives...
    • Mailing lists continue to be hugely important for the Wikimedia Foundation
    • This happened upstream! Mailman 3.0 to modernize mailing lists
  • Various OTRS improvements (is there an OTRS wishlist somewhere?)

MediaWiki extensions

  • [add content here!]

Wikimedia Foundation

  • Write a proper Wikimedia Shop (this has a bug somewhere)
    • Localization!
    • Flexible galleries
    • Use a wiki; tie into payments.wikimedia.org; there's a bug about this somewhere
  • [Python] Help out with the XML dump scripts
  • Wikimedia needs an analytics infrastructure...
  • [salt; Python; Puppet] Help with Wikimedia Labs
  • Work toward disabling miser mode ([fix me: bug link])
  • For a start, we want a better indexing system for bugs (bugzilla:38994)
    • Just being able to find all Wikisource or all Wikinews bugs would be good; and being able to measure overlap to optimize/maximize resource allocation on certain projects
      • Example: adding a custom inter-namespace tab (bugzilla:13228) might help Wikinewses and Wiktionaries



See Wikisource roadmap.

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