Book management 2012/Wishlist

  1. Create a book
  2. Page addition wizard (also containing search filters for finding particular pages)
  3. Import book metadata (my suggestion where user can directly add set of pages from his export list)
  4. Export book metadata (export the book details containing all page links to a file which can be saved by user, similar to MetaBooks)
  5. Add to a book option for every page
  6. Table of contents for a book
  7. Read a book
  8. Recent changes for each book
  9. Create chapters
  10. Arrange order of pages in a book
  11. Protect/watchlist/move/delete all pages of a book
  12. List books
  13. Search for a book
  14. Search in a book
  15. Automatic Bookshelves, where the books of a wiki could be organized according to their metadata (examples: English, Portuguese, ...). See also Book tool#Bookshelf.
  16. Book specific CSS, JavaScript, and Gadgets
  17. Automate categorization for chapters, pages, templates, and files
  18. Book-level feedback, statistics, feeds
  19. A more uniform and organized discussion system for each book
  20. List all chapters, pages, templates, and files in a book
  21. Book-level What links here for files, templates, and categories
  22. Book-level link search
  23. List all wanted pages, files and templates in a book
  24. List all broken and double redirects in a book
  25. List new pages in a book and new users who have begun contributing to a book
  26. Goto a random book's main page or a random page in a specific book
  27. Stable books
  28. A way to view/read an entire book as it was at a specific point in time
  29. A way to include additional information shown within book listings based on their meta data, and not just for sorting
  30. Book, chapter, and page metadata
  31. Allow book listings to be sorted and filtered by name, size, number of pages, and any other meta data