Community Wishlist Survey 2015/Results

Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey 2015! (Green background indicates tasks that are ready/waiting for feedback or developers)

Rank Proposal Category Support Ticket Status
1 Migrate dead external links to archives Bots and gadgets 111 T120433 Done Bot is running on English Wikipedia, volunteer is working on expanding to other languages.
2 Improved diff comparisons Editing 104 T128697 Done Original issue fixed, see ticket T128697.
3 Central Global Repository for Templates, Lua modules, and Gadgets Templates 87 T121470
4 Cross-wiki watchlist Watchlists 84 T5525  Declined by WMF's Community Tech team, but other WMF or WMDE staff members or teams, or volunteer developers, can work on it. See discussion.
5 Numerical sorting Categories 84 T8948 Done on English Wikipedia, now starting discussions on other languages and projects
6 Allow categories in Commons in all languages Commons 78 T120451 In development by Wikidata and Multimedia team, see latest demo on Commons:Structured data
7 Pageview Stats tool Miscellaneous 70 T120497 Done - check out Pageviews Analysis!
8 Global (cross-wiki) user talk page Talk pages 66 T88416  Declined, see project page
9 Improve the plagiarism detection bot Bots and gadgets 63 T120435 Done on English Wikipedia - check out CopyPatrol!
Now working on extending to other languages
10 Add a user watchlist Watchlists 62 T2470  Declined, see project page
11 3D models on Wikimedia Commons Commons 56 T3790 Done - at Mw:Extension:3D
12 Watchlist timed expiry Watchlists 55 T100508 Done Community Tech/Watchlist Expiry
13 Dark archive Commons 52 T120454 Needs developer discussion
14 Enhanced per-user, per-article protection / blocking Moderation and admin tools 52 T2674 Done See Community health initiative/Partial blocks
15 Improve date range searches on Special:Contributions Moderation and admin tools 49 T120733 Done
16 Make it easy to build infoboxes that display information from wikidata Wikidata 49 T112987
17 Improve SVG rendering Multimedia 46 T120746 Done by upgrading the SVG library in July 2016 which fixed five bugs.
18 Section watchlists Watchlists 45 T2738
19 Technical user right to edit summaries Miscellaneous 43 T15937  Declined, see ticket
20 Color-coded WikiText editing Editing 42 T101246 Mostly Done, see mw:Extension:CodeMirror
21 Reduce edit conflicts by treating different parts of the page as separate Editing 41 T120462 Closed, see ticket
22 Modify "Thank you" so we can thank anonymous editors Notifications 41 T63022 Task closed, mw:Trust and Safety Product/Temporary Accounts in progress
23 Visual Editor adapted for Wikisource Wikisource 41 T48580 In development - by Coren et al
24 Make it easier to cite different pages from a book as one reference Editing 40 T100645 In development - by Felipe et al
25 Tool to use Google OCRs in Indic language Wikisource Wikisource 39 T120788 Done working now on Bengali and 4 other langs -- See T140037 for more.
26 Copyvio tools for Commons Commons 38 T120453 Community Tech investigating - see T145165
27 Provide a means of searching for deleted pages Search 37 T109561 User/Admin feedback needed on development thus far - please see Phab:T109561 for instructions to test
28 Save edits before publishing Editing 35 T120479 Done Community Tech/Auto-save edits, Community Wishlist Survey 2023/Edit-recovery feature
29 Improve MediaWiki's blocking tools Moderation and admin tools 33 T120734 Task closed. Community health initiative/Blocking tools and improvements, Community Wishlist Survey 2023/Multiblocks
30 Watchlist priority options Watchlists 33 T3492 Blocked - related work ongoing in Phab:T126641
31 Automatically replace links to discussion when it is archived Talk pages 30 T120766
32 Reminders in notifications Notifications 30 T88781 Open for development
33 Search edit summaries Search 30 T60698 Epic task - estimated to be multiple quarters worth of work
34 Support KML files in Commons Commons 27 T28059 Possibly open for development
35 Better support for djvu files Wikisource 25 T120784 Help needed - djvu expert to help split the task into subtasks, and add more detail to each.
36 Enabling EPUB conversion on Wikipedia Miscellaneous 24 T97672 In development - by Ljonka
37 Reading List Reading 24 T120756
38 Create a tool to auto-populate categories through Wikidata/other wiki comparison Categories 23 T120439 In development - by Valhallasw et al
39 Inserting templates (tables) in PDF and Books Templates 23 T73808 Investigation - WMDE's TCB team
40 Turn RefToolbar into a MediaWiki extension (or add it into the WikiEditor extension) Editing 23 T120482
41 Improve Special:Log Special pages 22 T120764
  • T20954 - Done by Cenarium et al
  • T16711 - in development by Jackmcbarn and Cenarium et al
  • T14984 - owner needed
  • T22166 - owner needed (difficult - an intensive database request)
42 Special:NewPagesFeed in every language Moderation and admin tools 21 T50552
43 Generate automatic summary when adding section Editing 19 T22307 In development - by Matma Rex et al
44 Implement an Internet Archive-like digitalization service Wikisource 19 T120785
45 Echo notifications: mark to read Notifications 18 T73564 Done - by Collaboration team
46 Improve Special:LinkSearch Search 18 T120761 Split in 2:
47 Page contributors Editing 18 T120478 In development - in T129123 by Devirk et al
48 Whole Infobox from Wikidata Wikidata 17 T112987 Research - see also #16
49 SUL account merging Miscellaneous 16 T120499  Declined - see Phab:T49918#1979870
50 Wikidata support for Wiktionary Wikidata 16 T986 Epic
51 Enable Apertium on cy, for Content Translation Editing 15 T102101 Done
52 Normalize Special: pages for batch delete/undelete and batch moves Special pages 15 T120765
53 Paragraph blaming tool Moderation and admin tools 15 T2639 Community Tech/Who Wrote That tool
54 Category suggestions based on filename, description and location Categories 14 T120437 Open for development
55 Modify Media Viewer to include Wikidata information Wikidata 14 T120780 Epic, related to Wikidata and structured data
56 Automatic numbering of pictures Multimedia 13 T7600 Experienced developer needed
57 Automatic search for similar items in Wikidata Wikidata 13 T120779 (to check - is there already a tool that does this?)
58 Article assessor gadget/extension Bots and gadgets 12 T116092 Done Phab:T120219 and Mw:Extension:PageAssessments
59 List of contributors Moderation and admin tools 12 T120738 In development - by Devirk et al, in T129123
60 Better history pages Moderation and admin tools 11 T30131 Epic
61 Create a bot to show changes in articles for each WikiProject Miscellaneous 11 T117122 Could potentially be resolved via improvements to Special:RecentChangesLinked (T117122).

A more complex alternative is T97210 (#97 below).

62 Error categorization by #ifexist bug Miscellaneous 11 T14019
63 Make quality/reliability of an article more clear to the reader Reading 11 T120754 (see also #69)
64 Make SecurePoll feature-rich Miscellaneous 10 T118073
65 Tools for dealing with citations of withdrawn academic journal articles Miscellaneous 10 T120502
66 Use of pictures in wikipedia Multimedia 10 T120748 Open for development
67 Image searches based on image recognition Search 9 T120759
68 OTRS permissions checker Moderation and admin tools 9 T88620
69 Add checklist/filter functionality to articles/categories Categories 8 T120436 (see also #63)
70 Allow copy of pages Wikisource 8 T120783
71 Allow Redirects to be linked to Wikidata items Wikidata 8 T120778 Done
72 Dropdown diffs of last edits Watchlists 8 T120775 The existing userscript needs performance/security review, and then either gadgetization, or extension/core merge
73 Multilingual search Search 8 T3837 Editor Feedback Wanted - Related work ongoing in mw:Cross-wiki Search Result Improvements
74 Nested tag support Editing 8 T120477
75 Default user interface mode Editing 7 T120458
76 Powerful, handy TemplateTiger Templates 7 T120767
77 Simple math in tables Editing 7 T120480
78 Subpages: suppress links to ancestor pages Reading 7 T41395
79 Access talk pages in the mobile interface from main article Talk pages 6 T54165
80 Cite : Share : Export Miscellaneous 6 T120487
81 Collaborative way to generate SVG/PNG graphs using Lua modules Miscellaneous 6 T120489
82 Machine learning to identify sockpuppets Moderation and admin tools 6 T107600
83 Machine-learning tool for toxic interactions Bots and gadgets 6 T120431
84 Shared variables for AbuseFilter Moderation and admin tools 6 T120740
85 UI to display category members by timestamp Categories 6 T120448
86 Merge the content translation and the visual editor to one tool Editing 5 T121475
87 Mobile-friendly framework for multi-column portal and project pages Reading 5 T120755
88 Allow tabular datasets on Commons (or some similar central repository) Commons 4 T120452 Core support is Done by Interactive team, but needs a better user interface.
89 Installing Wiki Edu's Course Dashboards on Wikiversity Wikiversity 4 T111630
90 Opt out of Thanks feature Notifications 4 T120753
91 Tools for fly-by-night-editors to analyze silent reverts Watchlists 4 T120776
92 Work queues Moderation and admin tools 4 T120742
93 Visibility for quality issues Wikidata 3 T120781
94 Ability to enable code editor separately from "enhanced editing toolbar" Miscellaneous 2 T47850
95 Editor Stats API/GUI Miscellaneous 2 T120491
96 Preliminary Interwiki linking and Second language preferences Miscellaneous 2 T120498
97 WikiProject Wizard Miscellaneous 2 T97210
98 Enhance image uploading process Multimedia 1 T120745
99 Support for version branching for pages Miscellaneous 1 T113004
100 Contains this text but not in this category or its (n-level) descendants Categories 0 T120438
101 Education Program interface changes Miscellaneous 0 T120492  Declined - uninstalled
102 Major overhaul to Special reports Miscellaneous 0 T120495
103 Making categories more friendly: enable HotCat by all, but with pending revisions Categories 0 T120444
104 RFC tools Moderation and admin tools 0 T31923
105 Suggested multimedia for article Multimedia 0 T120747
106 Suggesting AbuseFilter by machine learning Moderation and admin tools 0 T120741
107 Tool to upload from Panjab Digital Library Wikisource 0 T120787