Technical wishlist

Anthere said in Wikimedia:10 wishes for 2008 that it would be nice if we will have a way to collect technical wishlist. This page is created to collect technical wishes from active Wikimedia users.

To add your wishes you should be active Wikimedia contributor. Add them in following format:


For example:

|1=Image moving
|2=Global blocks
|3=Category moving

(not all of them have to be filled)

Wishes edit

Please, at your wishes at the bottom of this section
  • LeonWeber
    • More use of AJAX in the user interface
  • Obersachse
    • Flagged revisions   Done: Flagged Revisions
    • Category moving
    • Some more levels of userrights, e.g.
      "trustworthy user" with the right to see deleted versions and edit protected versions,
      "admin-light" with the rigth to protect articles from unregistered users and block unregs
    • "block light", that means that a lightblocked user can't edit articles in some categories
    • "protect light", protect an article (or category) of editing by some users, to prevent edit-wars
  • Mike.lifeguard
    • Special page to generate a well-structured book: TOC, modules in order with navigation, headings etc.
    • List/search books (not pages)
    • PDF generator that is worth using   Extension:Collections
    • Watching/moving/protecting/etc pages in bundles (ie per-book)
    • Special page to manage Spam blacklist and the log
  • Cometstyles
    • Image moving will definitely be worth waiting for
    • Global blocking is another area that should be given a priority too
    • Media handling of .ogg files to be fixed, since it doesn't always work well
    • Global User right management such as giving [rollback] to trusted unified users will definitely be good against mass page removing vandals in smaller wikis and Global sysops, hehe will make Stewards jobless (sort-of)
    • A global username Blacklist which actually works
  • EVula
    • The ability to transclude Meta pages directly onto any other project (similar to Commons, but with pages, or how Wikia operates). m:Help:Edit summary would be an easier method than having a bot sync up the versions. (mw:Manual:$wgEnableScaryTranscluding. Cbrown1023 talk 20:37, 19 May 2008 (UTC))[reply]
    • The ability, when looking through someone's contribs, to specify a prefix to search for (preferably within the namespace chosen). This would allow, for instance, easy track of everyone's RfA contributions by searching for all subpages of "Requests for adminship".
  • Erwin
    • Global preferences. Being able to set most options globally, but having the ability to exclude certain projects or to set different preferences there.
    • Global javascript. Including global.js from your home wiki like the local monobook.js is included.   Done Special:MyPage/global.js
    • Having your own edits show up in the watchlist if and only if someone else also edited the page. There's the option "Hide my edits from the watchlist", but I'd like to have my own edits hidden, unless someone else edited the same page.
  • Санта Клаус
    • Show preview shows preview of cats
    • hidden redirect cats that only show up if populated
    • ability to arrange files according to cat's second word
    • double piped links produce second word
    • auto expiring temp adminships
  • oscar
    • something closer to WYSIWYG editing (not everybody loves codes)
  • Titoxd
  • Hillgentleman
    • simple and straight-forward TeX installation (critical!)
    • parsing complete latex documents, e.g. functionality to call the tex compiler (this may run into the security issue that latex is a turing machine)
    • transclusion of historical versions of templates when we are viewing historical versions of pages
    • specialpage (something like Special:ISBN) for checking pages referring to certain book (possible problem: edition issues)
  • Martin H.
    • extend Special:FileDuplicateSearch on deleted files for administrators, with optional display on file description pages just like the actual "The following file is a duplicate of..."

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