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It seems after everything i have done people still didn't believe me or put their trust on me, even those who I hoped would be smart enough to make the right decision and not sway to the side of the opposers. All those that opposed me always had an axe to grind with me. I stepped on too many toes and I'm saddened to see that the enwiki cabal have again managed to literally "fuck me up" again, and people always wondered why i hated enwiki so much. I love enwiki, i just hate its politically driven admin community who'll do everything they can to make sure they stay in power, and even block those people who questions their leadership and decision making skills. There was a time i would have been proud to be an enwiki admin but thank god my RfA failed, i really do NOT want to be part of such tyranny. I remember once saying that trolls aren't born, they are made by the stupid judgements of the enwiki admins. That wiki somehow manages to chug out more trolls than editors and if you try to get a de-sysop policy started on that wiki, the admins will eat you up and throw you out. They don't want to lose their precious power, even if they only use it show superiority which they have done today. Nobody cared or bothered to actually look through my edits before making their decision. I have wasted over 2 years of my life on this project and this is the thanks i get, been attacked and maligned by those that will do anything for more power and will make sure that those that threatened their superiority is gotten "rid off". I'd like to really thank all the supporters who believed in me and not the lies, you were the people who kept me going for all these years and for those that opposed, i really expected better from you. I never burned out or took a wikibreak in my life (unless it was forced by hurricanes or floods) because i never had a reason too but today, i don't have a reason to stay or continue doing what i was doing because of all these false allegations and misunderstanding which the community blindly believed. I'm probably not the last dial-up editor you'll get but will probably be the last editor from Fiji. I sadly have to Bid adieu. I will no longer hang out in IRC so everything associated with me there can be removed, and NO, I will not return with another account as people would think. I will not slip that low. I have had it. I thought my country was corrupted, i was so wrong...All i can say is Jimbo, please take control of your wiki or it will get destroyed by these high-headed admins of yours...May god save Wikipedia, since no other mythical creatures can.

I remember saying once, that The day I lose my sense of humour, I'll retire and that has happened, thank you so much..heh..--Cometstyles 22:34, 2 February 2009 (UTC)