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  1. 何百万人もの人々が共に活動し、世界中から知識を結集させてきましたウォード・カニンガムがウィキを設計し、初めて人々がある文書に対し同時に作業できるようになりました。彼はこのシステムにハワイ語で「速い」を意味するウィキという名前を付けました。( ホノルルにはウィキウィキシャトルというバスがあります。)
  2. あなたはきっと百科事典についてはご存知でしょう。ほかに辞書教科書引用句集学習支援ツール旅行ガイドなどがあるのはご存知ですか>
  3. 表舞台から見えないところではボランティアの手を煩わせないよう、botが反復作業を引き受けました。英語版ウィキペディアだけでも承認済みのボットは2,000件超あり、名前も付いています。例えばPhotoCatBotは画像が足りない記事を探すのに役立ちます。
  4. 2006年3月17日には、最初のウィキペディア博覧会がドイツのゲッティンゲン大学図書館で開催されました。
  5. 2007年には、世界でトップ10のウェブサイトになりました。これは非利益団体の中ではトップになります。
  6. People who work on Wikipedia are called Wikipedians. Building the world’s largest database of information with people from all over can be challenging. Wikipedians write rules, guidelines and essays to help other people understand being a Wikipedian. “No angry mastodons”, an essay, suggests that you shouldn’t edit when you’re hungry or intoxicated.
  7. The world’s first photograph, now on Wikimedia Commons, is entirely inscrutable. The first photo to be uploaded to Commons was a pair of quail. Speaking of birds and photos, there is such a thing as pigeon-photography, “A homing pigeon was fitted with an aluminium breast harness to which a lightweight time-delayed miniature camera could be attached.” (There was a stamp for pigeon mail, it’s adorable and shaped like a triangle.)
  8. One of the first articles ever written was for the standard poodle. It simply said, “A dog by which all others are measured.” The English Wikipedia page for poodle is now more than 5,000 words, and includes the many words that people have invented to name poodles crossed with other dog breeds. Labradoodle, Poochon, Cockapoo, Spoodle, Maltipoo, Goldendoodle, Schnoodle, Pekapoos, Cavapoo, and Bernedoodle.
  9. ウィキペディアはインターネットがオープンでフリーな空間であることに協力しています。: 2012年には、アメリカのStop Online Piracy Act(オンライン海賊行為防止法案)に反対し、ブラックアウトを実施しました。
  10. Researchers can predict the spread of illness from data on Wikipedia: “Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory were able to make extremely accurate forecasts about the spread of dengue fever in Brazil and flu in the U.S., Japan, Poland and Thailand by examining three years’ worth of Wikipedia search data.”
  11. 一般的な人が休憩や睡眠を一切取らずに英語版ウィキペディアの全ての記事を読もうとすると21年以上掛かります。
  12. 15年もの間、英語版ウィキペディアで2番目に多く編集された記事は「プロレス」です。
  13. One of the competition entries for a new Wikivoyage logo was a snake on a magic towel.
  14. Einstein was stopped so much in public, he would reply, "Pardon me, sorry! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein." (Rohin Dhar called this the most interesting fact in the world based on data from TIL threads on Reddit.)
  15. A link to British army officer, Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart’s Wikipedia article was retweeted more than 3,500 times.
    Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart VC, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO (5 May 1880 – 5 June 1963) was a British Army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" in various Commonwealth countries. He served in the Boer War, First World War, and Second World War; was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear; survived two plane crashes; tunneled out of a prisoner-of-war camp; and bit off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them. Describing his experiences in the First World War, he wrote, "Frankly I had enjoyed the war."
  16. Wikipedians keep lists of controversies, and hoaxes on Wikipedia. One hoax claimed that Lord Byron kept a crocodile and a honey badger as pets. However, he did take a bear to college when he found that dogs were not allowed.
  17. QRpedia lets people visiting places like museums, historic towns, buildings or zoos access Wikipedia articles in their preferred language on their mobile device, simply by scanning a single graphic icon.
  18. The 'Voice Intro Project' invites people who are the subject of a Wikipedia biography to record a short sample of their speaking voice, so we know what they sound like and how they pronounce their name. They can do so in any language they feel comfortable speaking.
  19. ウィキペディアモニュメントが設置。
  20. "Wikipedia trifft Altertum" conference 2011 in Göttingen brought together the science and Wikimedia community.
  21. ウィキペディアが小惑星の名前となる。