Wikimedians of Ecuador

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Wikimedistas de Ecuador

Ecuador Wikimedians is a user group [recognized] as affiliate member inside the Wikimedia Foundation. It was recognized by a resolution from the Affiliations Committee on September 18, 2015. Ecuador Wikimedians is a group of people editing and participating in Wikimedia projects. Their main purpose is to perform outreach activities, promote, foster, and improve the Wikipedia usage and its multiple sister projects within the Ecuadorean territory.

Wikimedistas de Ecuador
Affiliate codeWMEC
Country codeEC
Approval dateSeptember 18, 2015
November 2, 2023
Main officeGuayaquil
Official language(s)español
Other language(s)English
Key peopleSageo, Freddy eduardo, Ceibos
Mailing listwikimedia-ec

Ecuador Wikimedians group has been actively leading outreach activities fostering Wikipedia edition. Those activities continued until 2020, as Ecuador turne into a infection cluster from the COVID-19 pandemic and on-site activities needed to be stopped. The sudden change in everyday activities for the involved volunteers lead to the abandonment of the meeting notes listed inside the user group. Hence, the affiliation lost its official status. Nevertheless, a rise in Good Articles and Featured articles were achieved within such period.

After a waiting period and fulfilling the prerequisites, the 2nd of November of 2023 the affiliation was officially recognised.

Group objectives

  • Disseminate the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation within Ecuador.
  • Develop educational programs for schools and universities in Ecuador that involve Wikipedia and its sister projects as the main protagonists of change in digital education.
  • Organize, disseminate and promote activities such as editathons, wiki meetings and workshops to involve the Ecuadorian community in the use of Wikimedia projects.
  • Collaborate with other communities and organizations in the development of education based on free knowledge.


The activities that we normally make are:

  • Editathons.
  • Talks, workshops and confererences.
  • Promotion of Wikimedia projects.
  • Organise edit and photography contests.
  • Organise and plan cooperation initiatives with educational and cultural institutions.



Our last annual report (2024) can be found here (content in Spanish language).

List of projects

  • WikiCafé. Meeting space for wikimedians across different cities of the country.
  • Clubes Wikipedia. Groupmaking of Wikipedia editors in universities, shools and community development centres..
  • Wiki Loves Cemeteries. Preserve our graveyards further beyond memory.
  • OfflinePedia. Social action program of scientific divulgation whose purpose is to donate low-cost computers made of recycled materials (such as old TVs) with totally downloaded branches of a Wikimedia project for residents in rural areas to access offline.

Press coverage

The following is a list of press coverage links in 2019. For more information you may check our press coverage section.


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