Welcome to this humble page.

Initially, I was seduced by the idea of ​​collaborating in this encyclopedia, leaving part of the history of my city for future generations, (perhaps one day the paper will no longer exist), unfortunately almost everything is erased and I began to investigate why they happened from so frequently.

At first I thought they were poorly written, but was looking for similar articles to use as a guide. and i started experimenting with the templates, eventually they reversed the template and banned me for vandalism.

I am still looking for an answer to why the deletion of so many articles. And I came across this "All procedures were forgotten, just the law of the fittest."

User: Hprmedina

Finally I thought that for a foreign librarian, not even my entire country has to be relevant. This is Wikipedia where everyone, if they are lucky, can contribute. And if demotivation doesn't beat you and you're stubborn, you can keep trying.

Over time I learned to collaborate on the many tasks that exist within Wikipedia. A task with which I learned a lot and I even understand the reason for the almost automatic deletion, was Patrol, with this task I realized the amount of vandalism and promotional items, such as: mechanic items, resumes, gamer, youtuber, politicians and novice artists, Etc., Etc.

And it is that the more you immerse yourself in this encyclopedia, you gain confidence within the community of users and editors.

So I began to make small edits of spelling and punctuation corrections, and encouraged me to rewrite a complete article, about my city and subjects that I master, this is how a Wikipedian from my city contacted me to invite me to a WikiCafé, already within the group familiarized me with a number of terminologies.

After looking for information on bacteria, I discovered that certain topics already exist in Wikipedia for other languages ​​and I began to translate articles. This is how I managed to get the self-verified flag.

Between the time of creating an article and the next one that occurred to me to write, I would dedicate myself to patrolling new pages and reviewing recent changes to the pages, reporting bad users to the user board and helping one or another user in distress . And when I was two and a half years old, I got the reverser flag and after a month of testing they gave me the verifier flag. On October 16, 2020 after 2 previous attempts I managed to obtain my first Article Well, I currently have a second approved AB.

On January 13, 2021, while on patrol, I came across a former user who I believe and forget almost instantly. My surprise was great to see that I could recover the password, so I took on the task of finding out if I could do a user exchange, Marcelo initially guided me [? title = Discussion_user% C3% B3n: Marcelo & action = edit & section = 17], but it was Ontzak who told me if the renaming of the two accounts was viable [[ https: //en.wikipedia. org / w / index.php? title = Discussion_User% C3% B3n: Ceibos_One & action = edit & section = 6]].

This is my old account recovered and renamed, greetings I am still the same Ceibos as always