Sageo Villacrés
Sageo Villacrés
Sageo Villacrés
National Coordinator, Wikimedistas de Ecuador
Nadie tiene el trinche, todos somos el diablo.

About me

I joined Spanish Wikipedia in 2007, improving articles about my city. Since 2008 I'm working in many projects related to Wikimedia.

I was born in Guayaquil, where I've lived all my life. I studied Computer engineering at ESPOL, but nowadays I'm studying Law at University of Guayaquil with an emphasis in criminal law. I'm an amateur historian and I do research for my local history sites.

My work

As an editor, my work consists on create and improve articles related to Guayaquil, Ecuador and world history. I've founded the WikiProject Guayaquil and since 2008 I'm participing in many Wikimedia events like meetings, making educational projects. In 2013, I began supporting the Ecuadorian Wikimedia chapter project. In coordination with people from other parts of the country, I've made ​​several Spanish Wikipedia editathons. I'm starting the Wikimedia Guayaquil User Group project.