Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2011/Candidates/eo

La baloto finiĝis la 12-an de junio 2011. Neniuj pliaj voĉdonoj akteptiĝos.
La rezultoj anonciĝis la 17-an de junio 2011.
baloto pri la estraro de la Vikimedia Fondaĵo 2011

Claudi Balaguer (Capsot)Edit

Claudi Balaguer, Daniil and baby Aitana (2008)
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Claudi Balaguer
    • aĝo: 42
    • loĝloko: Millars/Millas, Northern Catalonia (France)
    • lingvoj: Catalan, English, French, Italian, Occitan, Spanish, some very basic Ukrainian and a few notions of Lithuanian, Hungarian and Russian. Can read most of the Romance languages.
  • Worried that WMF might foster oligarchs who hardly edit anymore and do not care much about the projects/editors
  • Sorry to witness bureaucracy gaining more importance, intricacy and control without counterpower
  • Still awaiting real transparency to know who the people in charge are, what they do and why/how they got up there
  • Afraid to see that institutions may become independent and get loads of money without control nor duties
  • Tired to see some rights renewed when last edit was in 2005 (BC maybe for some)

I am Capsot, the editor sorely praised in the high places. I deem that the core of the projects is its editors who deserve much more than what they get now.

If elected, I would try my very best to:

  • Listen & reply to concerns about the institutions
  • Promote transparency in every organ of the WMF
  • Have every Wikipedia or sister project on an equal ground be them big or small, specially small, stateless and threatened languages
  • Promote access/use to Internet and knowledge in the less-privileged countries, in the native languages
  • Ensure that funds go to noble causes, accordingly to development plans and needs, not in nurturing the biggest Chapters and discussable activities

As you can deduce from my general block a while ago, and still in Meta, some prominent people in the high places fear me ; so take your chance to frighten them as well voting for one of the few candidates really committed to change, truth and transparency.

Harel Cain (Harel)Edit

Harel Cain
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Harel Cain
    • aĝo: 32
    • loĝloko: Jerusalemo, Israelo
    • lingvoj: parolas hebree, angle kaj germane
prezento En mia taga laborposteno mi estas inĝeniero pri komputila sekureco kaj krome mi tradukas librojn.

Mi aliĝis al la hebrea vikipedio en 2004. Ekde 6 jaroj mi estas administranto kaj ekde 4 jaroj burokrato. Mi estas inter la fondintoj de la organizaĵo Vikimedio Israela kaj servas en ties kontrola estraro. En diversaj forumoj mi prelegas. En Israelo mi kuniniciatas naskiĝantan projekton pri publikaj kulturaj institucioj - je akronimo GLAM por "Galerioj, Librejoj, Arkivoj kaj Muzeoj". En la organizado de la kunveno Vikimanio 2011 mi profunde aktivas, traktante aliĝojn kaj ĉstipendiojn, la teman programon kaj la komunikan sistemon OTRS. En la kunvenoj Vikimanio 2007 kaj 2010 mi prezentiĝis, kaj ankaŭ partoprenis en ChapConf11, ĉi-jara konferenco de la naciaj branĉoj de la Vikimania Fondaĵo. Mi kredas en baza movado kiu larĝas, multcentra kaj varia, kun abunda spaco por la komunumo, la vikimedia fondaxjo, la naciaj branĉoj kaj aliaj interesogrupoj havi siajn proprajn unikajn poziciojn, kunlaborante por labori cele al nia misio. Se mi elektiĝas al la estraro, mi planas subteni aktivecojn por

  • kontraŭagi la tendencojn de la studo pri redaktaj tendencoj, eksperimentante kun vastaj ŝanĝoj al programaro, permesoj kaj komunumaj procesoj.
  • akcepti ke nia projekto jam maturiĝis kaj nia perspektiva pretervivo ne povas dependi de malfaro de tiu evoluo.
  • subteni la kreskon de ligataj grupoj, organizataj en multaj modeloj, ne nur kiel naciaj branĉoj.
  • Etendiĝi al subreprezentataj sektoroj kaj geografiaj regionoj, tamen difini realismajn atendojn pri sukceso.
  • Malgrandigi konfliktojn inter ĉiuj partoj de la movado, aparte inter komunumoj kaj naciaj branĉoj.
  • Evolui financajn fontojn kiuj sekurigos ke niaj projekto restu senreklamaj.

Ting Chen (Wing)Edit

From November 2nd 2010
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Ting Chen
    • aĝo: 43
    • loĝloko: Mainz, Germany
    • lingvoj: Chinese, German, English, French (un peu), Japanese (can read)
prezento I was born and grew up in China. I studied Electric Engineering in Germany and am now living and working there as an IT Specialist. My work in the projects are mostly grassroots: editing, translating, administrative works, try to resolve disputes and try to help new comers whenever I can. I was elected a trustee in 2008 and reelected 2009. Currently I am the chair of the board.

In case of being reelected my goals are:

  • keep the Foundation on track according our mission and our strategic planning which was worked out by the community
  • promote the following traits of our projects and communities: openness, innovative, curious, welcoming
  • keep to help solve problems inside of our movement in a pragmatic and as simple as possible way
  • keep my personal dedication and engagement to help and promote our projects and volunteers around the world as much as I can
  • keep my work in the projects

William H. DuBay (Bdubay)Edit

William H. DuBay
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: William H. DuBay
    • aĝo: 76
    • loĝloko: Washington State, Hong Kong
    • lingvoj: English
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: Aprox. May 2001
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: English Wikipedia, Commons
prezento I am a professional writer and readability consultant.

I was a writer in public relations and technical writing for 21 years. I am on the Readability SIG of the International Reading Association and a member of the Society of Technical Communications since 1985.

I have been very active in the Plain Language Association International since 1995. Since 2001, I have been a consultant in plain language and readability. My clients include the National Aviation Administration, California Public Utilities Commission, Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services.

I have written extensively on readability and my publications include Smart Language: Readers, Readability, and the Grading of Texts, Unlocking Language: The Classic Readability Studies, The Principles of Readability, and the Plain Language at Work Newsletter, all offered free on my Website with many other instructive materials.

I enjoy contributing to Wikipedia very much. I was a major contributor to the English pages on The history of Los Angeles, Readability, George R. Klare, and William S. Gray.

My interest in joining the board is to make the language of Wikipedia more accessible to the general reader. There is a vast body of research on readability that could make a major impact on increasing readership. I also am interested in working with the Simple Wikipedia editors and creating a Plain Language Project. I am also interested in the discussions on general editing policies.

James Forrester (Jdforrester)Edit

James Forrester
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: James Forrester
    • aĝo: 28
    • loĝloko: London, United Kingdom
    • lingvoj: English
prezento As a long-time Wikimedian I have done a bit of everything. I became an enwiki sysop in 2003 and founded its ArbCom; I'm now an enwiki CheckUser/OverSight, and Commons sysop. I help out each Wikimania, ran IRC, and even wrote bits of code. I was the Foundation's Chief Research Officer, Wikimedia UK's founding Secretary, and a few more rôles, but now outside the Wikimedia bodies (just a member of Wikimedia NL), I've gained some perspective. I work to open up the British Government, leading on strategy, technical issues, governance and finance, so the Board's duties are familiar to me.

I share community worries about some critical items for the Board:

  • Editor Trends feels too little, too late, and too narrow, ignoring smaller wikis;
  • the Foundation/community relationship - if the Community team replaces volunteers with staff;
  • the Global South work and Indian Office before Movement Roles ends;
  • the US-dominated Board does well but has too little technical experience and global perspective; and
  • too often private "agreements" occur without any wider community input: we must share more of the internal work, not just the Board's.

We need better understanding between the projects - it's tough to find out what's going on to learn or offer help. As someone who only speaks English, I rely on translations, which are vital. I'd have regular project updates shared, as with Chapters, and restart the Embassy.

Lodewijk Gelauff (Effeietsanders)Edit

  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Lodewijk Gelauff
    • aĝo: 23
    • loĝloko: Oegstgeest, Netherlands
    • lingvoj: Dutch, English, German (mediate), French (reading)
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: February 2005
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: nl.wikipedia (home wiki), en.wikipedia, commons and meta (partially active). Admin on: nl.wikipedia (+bureaucrat), nl.wikisource, nl.wikibooks, nl.wikimedia, meta.wikimedia
prezento I care a lot about relationships in Wikimedia. Between the editors, organizations and our readers. The Foundation is an important central organization in this movement, but not the only one.

Since I got involved in Wikimedia in 2005 I have been active in many fields in the movement; including as a steward, sysop on several wiki's, five year (founding) board member for Wikimedia Netherlands and (still) a member of the Chapters Committee. I have organized Wikimedia conferences, chapter meetings, and am a lead organizer in the international Wiki Loves Monuments project. In daily life I study Chemistry & Science Based Business (MSc) at Leiden University.

I care especially about:

  • empowering volunteers
  • involving more people in decision making processes at an early stage
  • development of Wikimedia throughout the world
  • an open and welcoming atmosphere in the projects and the movement
  • effective communication

I recognize I have not all solutions for the world's (or even Wikimedia's) problems - but I try to be open for them. On many issues I have opinions, but I'm willing to change given good arguments. I would be happy to become an accessible, critical but constructive board member at the Wikimedia Foundation.

There is much more I'd like to share in this limited space. However, please ask any questions you may have.

Joan Gomà (Gomà)Edit

Joan Gomà. Wikimania 2010
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Joan Gomà
    • aĝo: 51
    • loĝloko: Barcelona
    • lingvoj: Kataluno. Anglo. Hispano.
prezento Mi ŝatus enprofundiĝi en la valoroj de la movado.
  • La raportoj de WMF, de la Landaj Asocioj (Chapters) kaj de aliaj organizaĵoj estu prezentitaj en la lingvo de la projektoj al kiuj ili servas.
  • Starigi mekanismojn por ke la projektoj partoprenu en la decidoj de WMF, ĉefe tiuj rilataj al starigo kaj renovigo de Landaj Asocioj kaj aliaj organizoj kaj tiuj rilate al financado de agadoj.
  • Plibonigi la financadon de WMF disvolvante lokan reton por rekapti fondusojn pere de la Landaj Asocioj kaj aliaj organizaĵoj.
  • WMF kreskigu investojn cele al la plibonigo teknologia por faciligi artikol-redaktadon kaj la kvalitan administradon: vidate-vidota (WYSIWYG) redaktilo, aŭtomata tradukado, statistikaj datumoj, gadget-oj por frataj projektoj, vandalaĵ-detektiloj, reliefigo de lokaj lingvaj InterVikioj…
  • WMF aktive subtenu novigantajn projektojn, per impulso de konkursoj pri ideoj kaj per investo por ties efektivigo.

Mi estas Profesoro Doktoro Industria Inĝeniero ĉe Politeknika Universitato de Katalunio (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). Mi estis direktoro de la Fondaĵo Centre CIM kaj prezidanto de Amical Viquipèdia (Kataluna Amikaro de Vikipedio). Mi kontribuis en la katalunlingva traduko de la libro Viquipèdia descobrir, utilitzar, contribuir (Vikipedio: malkovri, uzi, kontribui). Mi organizis programon en 17 hispanaj universitatoj por apliki Vikipedion. Mi estas unu el la programistoj de la traduk-roboto uzata en la katalunlingva Vikipedio.

Samuel Klein (Sj)Edit

Samuel Klein.   Credit: Joi Ito
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Samuel Klein
    • aĝo: 33
    • loĝloko: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    • lingvoj: English, some German, Spanish, French, Hebrew
  • kontribuoj:
prezento Wikimedia should be a model for open, community-led organizations.

I grew up in the USA, and have lived in Germany and Kenya. I studied physics at Harvard, and work at One Laptop per Child, fostering education and offline access to knowledge in the developing world.

Since 2004, I have been a Wikimedia editor, translator, organizer and speaker. I started the Meta translators network, and published a Wikimedia newsletter in 5 languages. I served as a steward for 5 years. I have worked on outreach to universities and libraries, and in 2009 organized the Kiswahili Wikipedia Challenge. I led Wikimania 2006, and run the Boston wiki-meetup (since 2005).

I was elected to the Board in 2009, and am its secretary. As Trustee I focus on transparency, long-term planning and community empowerment, including the strategic plan and movement roles projects.

My current goals for the Foundation are to:

  • Make our wiki platform a joy to use
  • Actively support small and new Projects
  • Invest in better multilingual communication
  • Try other bold ideas to counter editor decline
  • Support new models for affiliates
  • Expand collaboration with education and cultural groups
  • Be transparent, and led by community needs, in resource allocation

Patricio Lorente (Patricio.lorente)Edit

Closing ceremony of Wikimania 2008
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Patricio Lorente
    • aĝo: 42
    • loĝloko: La Plata, Argentino
    • lingvoj: Hispana (denaske), angla, itala
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: Aprilo de 2005
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: es.wikipedia (burokrato kaj administranto), commons
prezento Mi partoprenas en la hispanlingva Vikipedio kaj Commons ekde 2005. Mi estas prezidanto de Wikimedia Argentina ekde 2007 kaj estis organizanto de Wikimanía 2009. Mi partoprenis en multaj iniciatoj rilataj al Wikimedia, kiel GLAM (Vikipedio invadas muzeojn, Liberigo de historiaj materialoj de la publika TV argentina), kunlaborado kun la eduka sistemo kaj konstruado de iber-amerika kunlabora kadro (Iberocoop). Mi ankaŭ estas publika gvidanto de Creative Commons Argentina.

Se mi estus elektata, mi laboros por:

  • Disvolvi politikoj de internaciigo por integrigi komunumojn kiu hodiaŭ estas izolita: multaj vikipediistoj kaj grupoj estas nevideblaj por la internacia komunumo ĉar ili ne povas komuniki en la angla. Faciligi la Sudo-Sudo kunlaborado.
  • Pliigi la vocxon kaj influo de la komunumoj en la decidado sur la enspezoj kaj administrado de WMF.
  • Apogi la kunlaborado inter la projektoj de Wikimedia kaj la eduka sistemo: ni povas fari gravan alportoj al la sperto eduka kaj, en la procezo, plibonigi niaj enhavoj.
  • Apogi iniciatoj GLAM: havigi retoj, dokumenti spertoj kaj havigi la publikaj rimedoj -rilatoj, asistencia leĝa- por lidiar kun la grizaj zonoj de leĝaj obstakloj (kiel demandoj de rajto de aŭtoro).
  • Plibonigi la uzebleco: apogi iloj kaj solvoj evoluitaj de la komunumo, cxar ke la uzebleco ankoraux ne kontentigas al la uzantoj post la ad hoc iniciatoj evoluintaj de la Fondajxo.

Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)Edit

Gerard Meijssen
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Gerard Meijssen
    • aĝo: 52
    • loĝloko: Almere, the Netherlands
    • lingvoj: Dutch, English some German and a little French
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: April 2008
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: I have a profile on 490 Wikis on some I have special privileges.
    • I have tenths of thousands of contributions to Wiktionary and Commons.
    • I am a member of the language committee
prezento So far most attention has gone to the big Wikipedias with the argument that we gain the most by building on our strengths. As a result the development of other projects and projects with problems with their script have been stunted. I have actively sought solutions to alleviate this discrimination and I am involved in and the development of extensions like LocalisationUpdate, Narayam and WebFonts.

I am a prolific blogger and have written about Wikis and what not for several years. When I am elected to the board, I will advocate a Wikimedia Foundation that has the widest possible impact on our eco-system and on our goal of bringing information to all people of this world. I will seek this more in changes of the details then in a "revolution". We are doing great work but we can do better for all our languages and projects when we show a bit more flexibility and agility.

I have been involved in GLAMs from the start and, I will seek improved outreach to our GLAM partners by at least providing timely data on their impact. Social issues prevent further development of our community, this will be one of my priorities. I will continue to blog in order to improve the discussion and communication of our movement.

Tom Morton (ErrantX)Edit

At home in the UK
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Thomas Morton
    • aĝo: 24
    • loĝloko: United Kingdom
    • lingvoj: English
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: 2010 (also active in '06)
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: English Wikipedia (light activity on Commons & Wikibooks)
prezento Within the WM family I am an editor and sysop on the English WP, am lightly involved in Wikibooks/Commons and was previously active on Wikinews. I am British, an Electronic Engineering graduate and work in information security (forensic analysis & software development).

I have a deep interest in freedom of speech and knowledge. I believe that free and open content of all kinds is essential to our future culture, after all “Knowledge is power”. The WMF provide a crucial cornerstone in the task to bring that power to everyone.

If elected I will help secure the ideals of neutrality, freedom and collaboration that the board is tasked to defend. I am very approachable and can bring a unique mixture of free thinker, developer, writer and free content evangelist to the board to help support the project in an exciting new decade.

As a highly active editor I’d hope act as a conduit between the broad work/perspective of the board and the views/ideas of the community. I’d work to make the board more accessible to the community, support the high level of independence of the Wiki’s and help foster greater camaraderie and stronger ties amongst all our volunteers.

Marc-André Pelletier (Coren)Edit

Marc-André Pelletier
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Marc-André Pelletier
    • aĝo: 41
    • loĝloko: Montréal, Québec, Canada
    • lingvoj: French, English, Spanish
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: 2003
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: en.wp
prezento The Wikimedia projects are, in my opinion, one of humanity's noblest and most important endeavours. Free knowledge is the vision that brought us all together to collect millions of bits of wisdom, art, and culture for all to share and spread.

Yet, without the support and guidance of a strong vision our projects flounder. The smaller projects become vulnerable to small self-selecting groups that care little for our founding principles, and even the biggest and healthiest of our project calcify into ineffective bureaucracies unable to deal with the responsibilities of being the greatest source of knowledge of Internet.

There is a fine but critical line between avoiding interference in the projects and abandoning them without support or guidance, and my objective is to guide the foundation back to our roots. Neutrality, a welcoming collaborative environment, and true openness are not options, nor are our responsibilities to the readers – and subjects – of our projects.

The Foundation must support those principles by action, not by looking away. Outreach is good, but let's first make sure our house is in order before inviting more guests.

Milos Rancic (Millosh)Edit

Milos Rancic en januaro 2009, fotita por ĵurnalo deScripto
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Milos Rancic
    • aĝo: 38
    • loĝloko: Beogrado, Serbio
    • lingvoj: parolas serve (kroate, bosnie, serbokroate) angle ; pasiva (lega) kono de la: rusa, makedona, bulgara kaj slovena, aliaj slavaj lingvoj malpli bone
prezento Mi estas stevardo, membro de LangCom, ChapCom, RCom kaj la estraro de WMRS. Mi estis la unua prezidanto de WMRS kaj membro de NomCom dum ties tuta ekzisto. Aktive mi laboras pri diversaj temoj rilataj al la plibonigo de la vikimediaj kapabloj. Mi estas programisto kaj funkciigas plurajn robotojn.

Laŭ profesio mie estas sistema administranto kaj laŭ eduko lingvisto.

Se mi elektiĝo, miaj fokusoj estos:

  • La vivopovo de vikimediaj projektoj dependas je kreemaj kaj radikalaj aliroj al kreo kaj disvastiĝo de libera scio.
  • Vikimediaj projektoj havas siajn klarajn celojn kaj neniu plia cenzurado akcepteblas.
  • La fondaĵo trovu vojon ke vikimedianoj povus esti pagataj en aeroj proksimaj al ilia vikimedia laboro.
  • Mem-vivopovaj vikiemediaj grupoj estu tiom aŭtonomaj kiom eble.
  • Vikimediaj projektoj estas sciencaj laŭ naturo.
  • Estu unu vikimedia komunumo.
  • La vikimedia komunumo estu super la fondaĵo.
  • La fondaĵo:
    • zorgu kiel disvastigi kaj savi la vikimedian enhavon por estontaj generacioj,
    • krei reton el alia libera scio, libera programaro kaj liberaj kulturaj projektoj,
    • aktive partoprenu en la subteno de kompreno inter la homoj surtere.

Jane S. Richardson (Dcrjsr)Edit

Jane S Richardson
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Jane S Richardson
    • aĝo: 70
    • loĝloko: Durham, North Carolina, USA
    • lingvoj: English
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: January 2009
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: Commons, English Wikipedia
prezento I contribute organized sets of biomolecular-structure & mountain/flower images to Wikimedia Commons, edit molecular structure & graphics articles on en:wikipedia (POTD 2009-11-19), and introduce Wikipedia editing in classes.

My research is on 3D structure of biological macromolecules. I am a Professor at Duke University; MacArthur Fellow; National Academy of Sciences USA; American Academy of Arts & Sciences; Institute of Medicine; President-elect, Biophysical Society. Our lab (joint with my husband User:DavetheMage) runs the MolProbity structure-validation web service (at, distributes our open-source software and open-access papers, contributes to the RNA Ontology Consortium and the worldwide Protein Data Bank Validation Task Forces, and is a development team on the PHENIX crystallographic software project.

  • I would like to turn on more professionals to the satisfactions of wiki editing and contributing in their specialties. I have strong connections in professional scientific societies (Biophysics, Proteins, RNA, Crystallography, Computer Graphics, Biochemistry) in the US and internationally, would organize workshops and web pages to encourage new editors, and would share those strategies & materials with experts in other fields.
  • In the other direction, I would work to help make Wikimedia editing even more friendly and accessible.

Ferdinando Scala (Ferdinando Scala)Edit

Ferdinando Scala, 2010
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Ferdinando Scala
    • aĝo: 42
    • loĝloko: San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy
    • lingvoj: Italian, English, French, Spanish
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: June 17, 2007
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: Italian Wikipedia, marginal activity on Commons and Wikiquote
prezento As a child, I dreamt to be an author of the Encyclopedia Galactica, the repository of the universal knowledge described by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation saga. I had the occasion to see something similar in my lifetime and, moreover, to contribute. Telling “thank you” for making my dreams come true is my deepest motivation to volunteer for serving the WMF community.

In my daily life I’m a digital communications professional, specifically focused on strategic planning, digital evolution and social media development. I’m an expert marketer and public speaker, with practice as a trainer in the corporate and academic sectors. If elected, I will put my skills on disposition to:

  • Developing campaigns for expanding the base of fundraising for Wikimedia, aimed to attract both public and individual contributors (long tail approach).
  • Stimulating the opening and evolution of Wikimedia projects in the minority cultures and languages, so that even the feeblest voices could contribute to the richness of the project.
  • Making Wiki’s user experience as simple as possible, so to attract technology-adverse or disabled contributors.
  • Diffusing the open-source culture to the wide public, as it is the best way of consistently improving the cultural enrichment of all mankind.
  • Finding and establishing connections with other collaborative cultural projects, like free-learning hubs.

mischa vetere (mvart4u)Edit

mischa vetere seen by ira cohen, new york
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: mischa vetere
    • aĝo: 44
    • loĝloko: zurich, switzerland and berlin, germany
    • lingvoj: german, french, english, italian (all four fluent), basic spanish and portuguese
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: 2009
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: Commons and rarely wikipedia (contributions about swiss writers)
prezento used to work as senior trust relationship mgr for 15 yrs with citibank/csg. in between i have sucessfully restruct. our fam. business. began with 18 as illustrator / editor of high quality books.

loved medium-longterm strat. consid. are also asset 2day, as writer/painter: « teatime, samurai », compar. dalai LAMA with GANDHI, helped 2009 & counter proposal 2 OBAMA / court to postpone google-agreem.

started in dec 2010 THE HOPE CYCLE ( with marocco & egypt (?!) - with happenings in libya, on 21st of feb 11, posted the new blog on fb white house with saying from 2010: "human rights are not, not negotiable." on 23rd of feb OBAMA quotes by amending: « nowhere » - on apr 15 human rights commission, UN geneva, fully adhered to official complaint dated 25th of nov 10 against wished apartheid in switzland (vote of 28th of nov. reverted!).

I contribute since 2010 to commons, mainly to own categ. mischa vetere - due to heavy censorship 2010, all works are O.T.R.S. approved now, a lot – due to fascist tendencies - against discrim., world problem no. 1: HUNGER, education. here an example, used for recent german conf. about north afr. Revol.:

following the invit. of ting chen, i would love to help to bring the wiki project further with all its diversity, increasing the quality level by encouraging participants. my contribution: to listen carefully, obtain a full overview, bring in strategical ideas. i am at the top of creativity - 2010: 1300 paintings!

Urs Wäfler (Urs.Waefler)Edit

Urs Wäfler
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Urs Wäfler
    • aĝo: 32
    • loĝloko: Zurich, Switzerland
    • lingvoj: German, French and English
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: 14 October 2007
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: de-wp, en-wp
prezento I was born and grew up in Switzerland. I studied at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, which I left without diploma. I worked for the World Economic Forum at its Annual Meeting in Davos, I was a teacher at secondary school. Nowadays I work in software industry, and I continue to study business informatics.

In case of being elected my goals are:

  • Help the Wikimedia Foundation to grow according to its mission and its strategic planning which was worked out by the community.
  • Enable the vision, that every single person has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. The Wikimedia Foundation and its community develops the largest, best structured and most recognized knowledge databases of the world.
  • Promote a peaceful, constructive and great reputation.

Education can take place anywhere and everywhere. It is our most valuable asset, it must be an open world, accessible by everyone - humankind advances only through collaboration.

Kat Walsh (mindspillage)Edit

Kat Walsh, November 2010
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Kat Walsh
    • aĝo: 28
    • loĝloko: Washington, DC
    • lingvoj: English
  • kontribuoj:
    • vikimediano ekde: 2004
    • aktivaj en la jenaj vikioj: en.wikipedia
prezento I'm one of the current board members, a role I've held since 2006. I have a JD and passed the Virginia Bar; I'm currently a researcher in copyright, patent, and internet policy, a patent agent, and a classical musician, and was recently a technology policy analyst for the American Library Association.

I'm fortunate to have been able to be part of Wikimedia as it has grown; because of my experience on the projects and OTRS learning the legal challenges of free knowledge projects, I pursued law as a profession to help further the goals of Wikimedia and like-spirited groups. As the longest-serving elected board member, I've learned to put WMF's challenges into context, bringing experience and institutional knowledge along with the perspective of a longtime community volunteer.

I see my main role as ensuring WMF upholds its core principles and values while meeting ever greater goals, and so this is my platform rather than a specific agenda. I want us to continue initiatives that make the projects part of everyone's life, and keep building relationships with institutions and communities that expand our ability to fulfill our mission. The role of the board is to take the long-term, big picture view, ensuring that WMF projects remain free, neutral, independent, and actively-developed far into the future. I believe this style of thinking is one of my particular strengths and hope to bring it to the next Wikimedia board.

Esteban Zárate (Ezarate)Edit

Esteban Zárate
  • personaj informoj:
    • nomo: Esteban Zárate
    • aĝo: 38
    • loĝloko: Tandil, Argentino
    • lingvoj: parolas hispane kaj angle
prezento En mia taga laborposteno mi estas mezlerneja instruisto en la provinco Bonaera de Argentino.

Mi komencis redakti en la hispana Vikipedio la 30-an de aprilo 2008, kaj iĝis sistema administranto tie en maro 2010. Mi estas sistema administranto ankaŭ en la komunejo kaj ofte redaktas en la hispanaj vikinovaĵoj kie mi estas revizianto.

Mi estas sistema inĝeniero kaj mezlerneja instruiesto en Tandil, provinco Bonaera de Argentino.

Se mi elektiĝos al la estraro, mi planas helpi

  • analizi strategiojn por altiri pliajn redaktantojn al niaj projektoj.
  • serĉi vojojn por efike distribui niajn financajn fontojn.
  • helpi ĉiujn vikimediajn komunumojn pri ĉio bezonata.