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Admin mop.PNGI am a highly active, established editor and sysop on English Wikipedia
NameTom Morton
BEng in Embedded Systems and Electronic Engineering
Forensic Analyst for UK consultancy
Freelance Software Engineer & engineering consultant

Hi everyone. My name is Tom, although I usually go by the pseudonym of ErrantX (or Errant) on the internet. I am an active Wikipedia contributor and sysop. My focus is on the Second World War, in particular the topic of deception. My key contributions have been two featured articles, and numerous good articles in that topic area.

In the real world I am an active member of Wikimedia UK, part of the committee organising this years UK conference. In addition I am a freelance software engineer, which includes being a contractor for the UK chapter.

You can get me personally on tom@errant.me.uk

Wikimedia TimelineEdit

Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   29 Apr 2006 Joined English Wikipedia
Wikinews-logo.svg   29 Aug 2006 Joined Wikinews
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   09 Jun 2010 Returned to the English Wikipedia after Wikibreak
Symbol support vote.svg   22 Nov 2010 First Good Article on en-wp, Digital forensics
User-info.svg   03 Dec 2010 Global name change to ErrantX (previously Tmorton166)
Wikibooks-logo.svg   04 Jan 2011 Joined Wikibooks
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg   18 Feb 2011 Became sysop on English Wikipedia
Wikimedia Community Logo optimized.svg   03 May 2011 Candidacy for 2011 Board Elections
Crystal Clear action run.svg   04 May 2011 Trialling Commons Notification Bot
Crystal Clear action run approved.svg   16 May 2011 Commons Notification Bot Approved
Essay.svg   20 May 2011 Essay on current events and biographies
Vista-evolution-1.4.png   22 Jun 2011 Joined the OTRS info-en queue
Wikimedia UK logo.svg   12 May 2012 Attended WikiConference UK 2012
Wikimania.svg   13 May 2012 Member of the London 2014 Wikimania Bid team
Cscr-candidate.svg   28 Aug 2012 w:Dudley Clarke Featured Article nomination (failed 2 October)
Symbol a class.svg   22 Oct 2012 w:Dudley Clarke passed MILHIST A-Class review
Cscr-featured.svg   16 Nov 2012 w:Dudley Clarke passed Featured Article
Wikimedia UK logo.svg   16 Nov 2012 Contract developer for Wkimedia UK
Symbol a class.svg   07 Apr 2013 w:D-Day naval deception passed MILHIST A-Class review
Cscr-featured.svg   20 Apr 2013 w:Operation Hardboiled, second Featured Article
Wikimedia Community Logo optimized.svg   16 May 2013 Candidacy for 2013 Board Elections