Wikimedia Foundation elections/2022/Results

Community voting results Edit

Two candidates were selected via community vote to serve on the Board of Trustees. These are preliminary results pending review by the Elections Committee.

You may also view the full results, including the outcome of each round of Single-Transferrable Vote.

Affiliate organization voting results Edit

The following six candidates were selected to continue to the community voting stage of the election for filling two seats (listed in alphabetical order):

You may also view the full results of this stage, including the outcome of each round of Single-Transferrable Vote.

Election statistics Edit

Here are the details of the Board of Trustees election. You may see more information on the Statistics page.

Understanding the STV result Edit

SecurePoll now supports the Single Transferable Vote method. Single Transferable Vote or STV is a ranked voting method that allows voters to specify candidates they want to see elected in order of preference. For SecurePoll, we selected the Meek's implementation with Droop Quota.

Meek's implementation is the most popular for STV elections and is used by several organizations and governments for their elections. A more accurate description of the exact method followed in the implementation can be found here.