Wikimedia Foundation/Communications/Wikimedia brands/2030 movement brand project/Naming convention proposals/Option 1

Proposals are a starting point. Feedback will be used to:

Identify elements that should be removed.

Identify areas for improvement.

Identify elements to recombine into a stronger proposal.
Option #1 of 3 naming convention proposals
Wikipedia as a network
We network around our best known brand to connect the movement together
Movement Wikipedia Network
Movement tagline Part of the Wikipedia Network  
User groups Wikipedia Group Penguins*
Chapters Wikipedia Network Antarctica*
Foundation Wikipedia Network Trust
* “Antarctica” and “Penguins” are made up affiliates
** Initial localization, for illustrative purposes only.

Why this is being proposed:

It uses our most well-known brand to communicate to the world that Wikipedia is part of something much greater. A network made up of many different parts and people, all aspiring to the same vision. This naming convention invites people to gain a greater understanding of something they already have a connection with.

  • Makes use of Wikipedia as our best known brand
  • “Network” clarifies that there are many interconnected parts within the movement
  • The full naming system is built horizontally around Wikipedia, with no hierarchy in the terminology
  • “Trust” implies additional stewardship, clarifying that legal issues should be directed there
  • Using the term "Wikipedia" outside the project may cause confusion between the organizations and the Wikipedia projects
  • "Network" may feel too technical in some languages
  • "Network" may be misunderstood as a media-type company in some languages

“Wikipedia” is our best-protected and most well-known trademark, so it is relatively easy and straightforward to begin to use “Wikipedia” more broadly and prominently in movement branding. More research is needed regarding potential limitations on the use of “trust” in an organization name, but there should be few if any issues with using “network”. Likewise, we need to continue to hear from affiliates in this phase to understand the full range of legal implications (if any) for affiliates if they use “Wikipedia” in their names.

Ideas for localization

All proposals seek localization from communities.

Initial recommendation: “Wikipedia” stays the same as it is currently represented in each language and all modifiers (“Network”, “group”, “Antarctica”, “Penguins”) are localized.