Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda/2021 - 2022 Annual Report

July 2021 - December 2021 edit

Wikimedia Conversations edit

Feedback on movement names edit

Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement edit

Local Movement Strategy Implementation edit

  • Following the previous local engagements with some of the Usergroup partners organisations on Movement Strategy implementation, the Usergroup applied for a movement strategy rapid grant, to collectively share ideas with the identified partners, but this grant application was not granted.

General Support grant edit

  • The Usergroup participated in the Office Hours to explain the general support fund, and was later on one of the recipients of this grant as part of the MENA region.

Affiliations Committee edit

  • As part of the NGO Registration process, the Usergroup shared a draft constitution with the affiliations commitee for review and feedback.

Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network edit

WMF Community Resilience team edit

Wikimedia Events Participation edit

Wikimania 2021 edit

  • The Usergroup took part in the annual conference for Wikimedians on the continent. This participation was enabled through a joint application led by the Wikimedia Community Usergroup in Tanzania. A report from the participants is available on meta

WikiIndaba 2020 edit

  • WikiIndaba Conference is the regional conference for Africans both within and in the diaspora, the Usergroup had postponed the 2020 version which was later held in November 2021

Usergroup Programs and Projects edit

Wiki Loves Earth 2021 edit

Luganda Wikipedia Refresher training edit

  • A refresher training for luganda wikipedia editors was organised to re-skill the Luganda Editors.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2021 edit

Wikisoccerthons 2021 edit

  • The Usergroup made an outreach at WikiIndaba, and also locally to seven regions outside Kampala, to lay a basis for Wikimedia activities among volunteers involved in association football.

Usergroup Partnerships edit

Wikimedia Session with MapUganda co-hort 3 edit

  • As an awareness creation activity for Wikimedia projects and activities among it's partners, the Usergroup held a session with volunteer interns from OpenStreetMap Uganda (a local indigenous NGO also operating as MapUganda).

Wikimedia Sweden and Creative Force edit

  • In collaboration with Wikimedia Sweden, the Wikimedia Community Usergroup Uganda , is an implementing partner in a joint project funded by the Swedish Institute.

Discussion with WikiInAfrica edit

  • As a follow up to the previous and WikiIndaba collaboration, the Usergroup discussed possibilities of formal collaboration with Wiki In Africa.

Usergroup Operations edit

WikiUganda Annual General meeting edit

  • The Usergroup organised it's annual general meeting in October 2021. The annual planning grant, was among the key items discussed.

January 2022 - June 2022 edit

Wikimedia Events participation edit

WikiIndaba 2021 Post activities edit

  • The Usergroup carried out Wikivibrance, as a post WikiIndaba activity, details available on the Wikivibrance meta page

Wikimania 2021 report submission edit

First Wiscom meeting for 2022 edit

  • The Usergroup held a meeting to select a representative who would serve for one year on the Wiscom commitee

Wikimania Core Team Representation edit

Wikimedia Summit 2022 edit

  • As one of the eligible affiliates, the Usergroup selected a representative who submitted an application to participate at the Wikimedia Summit.

Wikimedia Conversations edit

Branding Guidelines and Survey edit

Panel to celebrate women’s achievements edit

Affiliates/Trustees Conversation about Board Election edit

WMF Community Development Call edit

WMF Human Rights Policy Discussion edit

Africa Knowledge Initiative (AKI) Project edit

Swahili community office hour and Campaigns Product Team edit

Usergroup Volunteers in the Let's Connect Program edit

  • Let's connect aims to building capacities amongst Community Members through sharing knowledge amongst colleagues (peers) in multiple flexible and interactive spaces, that allows for personal connections, solidarity, and a sense of community. The Usergroup has 7 volunteer participants form Uganda taking part in the Let's Connect Program.

Usergroup Mapping and assessment edit

  • This was an activity by the WMF Communications department to support communities better by mapping out the needs of communities in Africa to understand needs, strengths, weaknesses and Wish-lists.

Wikimedia Uganda Chapter Application edit

  • The Usergroup submitted by-laws and is in the process to fulfill the Criteria for Chapter application.

Usergroup Operations edit

In-person meetings edit

  • The Usergroup adopted quarterly in-person meetings for the Core Usergroup members, discussions will be shared on the Usergroup meta page.

Online meetings edit

  • In addition to the quarterly meetings, online monthly meetings were to be carried out throughout the year.

WikiUganda Official Physical Address edit

  • The Usergroup acquired a physical address at a co-working space located at Plot 90 Kanjokya Street.

Community Engagement edit

  • The Usergroup organised the first engagement with some of the active volunteers, follow up community engagements will be organised.

Usergroup Programs and Projects edit

  • The Usergroup continues to run programs in the following categories
  1. GLAM

Usergroup Partnerships edit

Wiki World Heritage collaboration edit

  • Under the World Heritage Sites in danger (WH in danger), project aims to promote and raise awareness about UNESCO World Heritage Sites in danger. The Usergroup held a discussion on how to get involved in this project.

Buganda cultural department edit

  • The Usergroup submitted a concept, and has held follow up discussions on possible ways to partners with the Buganda cultural department.

Wikisoccerthon local partnerships edit

  • One of the volunteers shared an idea on a possible collaboration with lower division football clubs, and other partners to document content on Wikimedia commons.