Wikimedia has a vision which brings together thousands of volunteers from all over the world. This decentralised structure makes it all the more important for Wikimedia to be recognisable as one Movement. For this, we have common goals, but we also have a common visual identity.

This portal connects Wikimedia brand assets, guidelines, and ready-to-use design templates and is maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation Communications Department.

Most of our brand logos and marks are free to use, but some are protected. You can read the Trademark policy to see who can use the Wikimedia marks, and how.


The Wikimedia Foundation logo, how to use it and how to make your own.


We use open source fonts, which you can read about and download here.


The new update contains a new colour palette, for varied and vivid expressions.


Suggestions for how to use photos and illustrations.


Here you will find templates for creating your own logos, social media content and presentation decks.


Guide on attributing Wikimedia content.