Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Submissions

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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018
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Lviv, Ukraine, October 13-15

Programme scope


Based on survey's results the program committee decided that the following topics are to be taken into consideration when submitting the applications for lectures, workshops and discussion panels:

  1. Strategic discussions:
    • Increasing the level of cooperation on the level of communities.
    • New cross-border projects, instead of or in addition to the existing CEE Spring.
    • Attracting new editors and creating comfortable conditions for them.
    • Developments of small communities.
    • Implementation of Wikimedia 2030 strategy in the region.
    • Gender gap.
  2. Capacity development:
    • Creation and development of local communities. Recognition from WMF. Support of small communities.
    • Wikidata, particularly integration into local wikis.
    • Encouragement of new editors.
    • Outreach, particularly in education.
    • Conflict resolution.
    • Dealing with paid editing.
    • Writing and using learning patterns.
    • Technical skills, particularly to speed up the editing.
  3. Working groups:
    • Trans-border cooperation (several separate topics of cooperation applicable, particularly, article contests, GLAM and other projects).
    • Trans-border contests: CEE Spring, WLE, WLM, European Science Photo Competition, Wikiexpeditions. Particularly, a lot of applicants mentioned desire to discuss the future of CEE Spring, or another contest which will replace it.
    • Advocacy & Copyright Law.
    • Gender Gap.



We welcome different types of submissions - workshops, discussion panels etc. We also have two requirements:

  1. your submission must fit with one of the topics listed above, and
  2. your submission must include time for discussions/work; we don't welcome lectures without interaction with the audience.

List of submissions