Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Programme/Submission/Organise a prehackaton!

Organise a preheckato! Edit

Name(s) and/or usernanme(s) Edit

Jan, Groh, Jagro
Wikimedia Czech Republic, board member & project coordinator

Topic Edit

  1. Strategic discussions:
    • New cross-border projects, instead of or in addition to the existing CEE Spring.
    • Developments of small communities.
  2. Capacity development:
    • Creation and development of local communities. Recognition from WMF. Support of small communities.
    • Wikidata, particularly integration into local wikis.
    • Encouragement of new editors.
    • Technical skills, particularly to speed up the editing.
  3. Working groups:
    • Trans-border contests: CEE Spring, WLE, WLM, European Science Photo Competition, Wikiexpeditions. Particularly, a lot of applicants mentioned desire to discuss the future of CEE Spring, or another contest which will replace it.

Type of submission (Please choose one) Edit

  • Presentation with discussion (one-to-many + Q&A)

Summary Edit

Did you hear, that Prague is hosting a Wikimedia Hackathon in 2019? Thats cool, isn't it? But prehacketons are even cooler! We did it in 2017 and boost the Commons app team. And now its your turn!

Expected outcomes Edit

Duration (without Q&A) Edit


Specific requirements Edit

  • projector, HDMI connection, presenter

Slides or further information Edit

  • TBA

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter). Edit

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