Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Programme/Submission/Wiki loves Yerevan

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Wiki loves Yerevan

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Susanna, Mkrtchyan, User:WikiTatik
Wikimedia Armenia, president

Topic edit

  1. Strategic discussions:
    • Increasing the level of cooperation on the level of communities.
    • New cross-border projects, instead of or in addition to the existing CEE Spring.
    • Attracting new editors and creating comfortable conditions for them.
    • Developments of small communities.
  2. Capacity development:
    • Wikidata, particularly integration into local wikis.
    • Encouragement of new editors.
    • Technical skills, particularly to speed up the editing.
  3. Working groups:
    • Trans-border cooperation (several separate topics of cooperation applicable, particularly, article contests, GLAM and other projects).
    • Trans-border contests: CEE Spring, WLE, WLM, European Science Photo Competition, Wikiexpeditions. Particularly, a lot of applicants mentioned desire to discuss the future of CEE Spring, or another contest which will replace it.

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  • Presentation with discussion (one-to-many + Q&A)

Summary edit

Wiki Loves Yerevan was an inspiring project that Wikimedia Armenia implemented on the occasion of 2800 anniversary of Armenian capital city Yerevan. The project gave a new impetus to the collaboration with the museums and cultural institutions. During 3-day forum 11 museum workers were able to feel the power of Wikipedia and its sister projects with the help of the topics covered with international wikiexperts and locals. The collaboration was done in 3 phases: • Museum Collaboration, during which museum workers created Wikipedia articles, GLAM institutions, individual collectors donated to Wikicommons many useful photos, learned about wikidata and its power in bringing their datasets to wikidata. • Wiki editors Editing Month, workshops, edit-a-thons, during which many important books, newspapers, photographs were involved in Wikipedia, wikicommons, wikidata, wikisouces with the help of wiki community. • International Collaboration, during which Yerevan related topics were created or translated into 45 languages. More than 1200 articles were written.

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30 minutes.

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GLAM forum

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