Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2014/Participants

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This is an official list of attendees, prepared by organizers. Please do not add your name at this list. Please register in official registration form. If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to ceem2014(_AT_)

On November, 17 we have got a negotiations with WMF and they gladly confirmed that they are ready to give any assistance we need. We are also submitting a PEG grant request for other costs.

Registered foreign representatives are mentioned below:

Registered representatives from Ukraine are mentioned below:

  1. "I am from Youth Organization Falanster ( ). One of active members, participants and co-organizer of events. During the last years Falanster made wiki-days ( ), special events for teaching people to add articles to Belarusian Wikipedias with collaboration of active wiki-editors of Belarus. Also Falanster made lectures in some Belarusian universities about Wikimedia projects importance, basic Wikipedia rules and wiki-markup. Today Falanster is going to start a project, called ""Wikification"" the main goal of which is promotion of Belarusian Wikipedias, attraction of new active editors and facilitation of opening an official Wikimedia branch. Also Falanster is a Creative Commons Affiliate in Belarus and promotes CC-licences, as well as idea of open knowledge. My goal of participation on this event is to make new contacts with wiki-editors over Eastern Europe, collect experience and then share it with my collegues."