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Bus / car

The network of expressways (M-highways) of Ukraine is in blue, in green are identified automagistrals (motorways)
Main article: en:Roads in Ukraine

All highways in Ukraine are free, but only international roads are of decent quality.

We can recommend the following highways:

State bus services has poor international connection, so it's necessary to check the routes of private companies. Direct private bus services are avaiable between Kyiv and Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Other CEE cities (most notably Bratislava and Chisinau) allow to travel either by two buses or bus + train.

Good sources of information about bus services are the following:


Main article: en:Ukrainian Railways
  • Kyiv Pasazhyrskyi is the central railway station of Kyiv. Metro station Vokzalna (метро "Вокзальна") on the M1 line connects to the railway terminal. The terminal building straddles numerous railway tracks, and effectively comprises two separate buildings adjoined by a bridge. The building on the northern side (next to the metro station) is the main station. The building on the southern side is the south station with its own ticket office and hotel. Public transport stops on both sides of the railway. Buses and trolleybuses to the city centre depart from the main building, buses to the Boryspil and Zhulyany airports operate from the southern station.

The actual information will be provided once the new international schedule is published. We expect that it will happen soon, and there should be no significant changes. At the moment we have direct train connections with Chisinau, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw, Minsk and other cities. All these routes should normally remain operational.

Approximate train ticket costs and time (source: Raildude, as of 19 November) in 2nd class. Due to changes in train schedules they are for information purposes only and are subject to change

Cost (EUR) Train Timetable (to Kyiv) Travel time (to Kyiv) Timetable (from Kyiv) Travel time (from Kyiv) Status
Belarus: Minsk 125 € 086 Minsk—Kyiv Thursday 22:42 — Friday 07:51 10h09m Sunday 21:19 — Monday 08:25 09h41m Confirmed (Ukrainian price)
Bulgaria: Sofia 260 € 059/060 Sofia—Moscow Wednesday 18:45 — Friday 09:13 38h28m Sunday 20:10 —Tuesday 11:10 39h00m Not confirmed: price for 4—7 December
Hungary: Budapest 243 € 015/016 Sofia—Moscow Wednesday 17:40 — Thursday 20:03 25h23m Monday 11:03 — Tuesday 10:50 24h47m Not confirmed: price for 4—7 December
Moldova: Chisinau 133 € 047 Chisinau—Moscow Thursday 11:45 — Friday 02:15 14h30m Sunday 20:10 — Monday 23:02 27h52m Confirmed
Poland: Warsaw (Centr.) 201 € 067 Warsaw—Kyiv Thursday 16:45 — Friday 10:32 17h07m Sunday 15:52 — Monday 08:01 17h09m Confirmed
Romania: Bucharest 184 € 059/060 Sofia—Moscow Thursday 06:00 — Friday 09:13 26h13m Monday 09:11 — Monday 23:56 14h45m Not confirmed: price for 4—7 December
Russia: Moscow 155 € 001/002 Moscow—Kyiv Thursday 23:09 — Friday 07:32 9h23m Sunday 20:25 — Monday 06:43 8h53m Confirmed (Ukrainian price)
Russia: St. Petersburg 225 € 054 St. Petersburg—Kyiv Thursday 16:20 — Friday 13:52 22h32m Sunday 13:43 — Monday 12:25 21h42m Confirmed (Ukrainian price)
Serbia: Belgrade 256 € 015/016 Belgrade—Moscow Wednesday 06:45 — Thursday 20:03 35h18m Monday 11:03 — Tuesday 20:50 34h47m Not confirmed: price for 4—7 December
Slovakia: Bratislava 220 € 015/016 Bratislava—Moscow Wednesday 13:55 — Thursday 20:03 29h08m Monday 11:03 — Tuesday 14:05 28h02m Not confirmed: price for 4—7 December

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The easiest way to travel from the train station to hotel is metro: Red line from Vokzalna to Khreshchatyk - directon east. The easiest way to travel from train station to venue is also metro: First Red line to Khreshchatyk and then switch to Blue line to Palats "Ukraina" - direction south, then there are around 200 m on feet. The other option is mini bus #539 - take off at the Laboratorna street and walk around 200 m.



Kyiv has two airports:

These airports have direct connection with many big cities of Eastern Europe. It is possible to reach Kyiv with one stopover from any middle international airport in Eastern Europe (with stopover in Istanbul, Moscow, Warsaw or Vienna).

Approximate air travel costs and time (source: Skyscanner, as of 19 November), for departure on 18 December and return trip on 21 December:

Destination Airfare (EUR) Airlines № of stopovers Travel time Notes
Albania: Tirana 302 € Turkish 1 (Istanbul) 10h05m Return from Kyiv: 10:55 (9h55) or 21:15 (12h, night stopover)
Armenia: Yerevan 215 € Ukraine International Direct 2h45m Departure possible on 19 December: arriving at Kyiv at 8:15
Austria: Vienna 255 € LOT 1 (Warsaw) 5h10m
409€ Ukraine International Direct 2h05m
Azerbaijan: Baku 358 € Ukraine International Direct 3h20m Departure possible on 19 December: stopover in Minsk for arrival at 8:35, 6h travel, same time
Belarus: Minsk 166 € Belavia Direct 1h Departure possible on 19 December: arriving at Kyiv at 8:35
Bosnia: Sarajevo 308 € Turkish 1 (Istanbul) 9h50m Return from Kyiv: 10:55 (9h50) or 21:15 (12h15, night stopover)
Bulgaria: Sofia 232 € Aeroflot 1 (Moscow) 6h30m
304 € Turkish 1 (Istanbul) 10h10m Return from Kyiv: 10:55 (9h50) or 21:15 (12h15, night stopover)
Croatia: Zagreb 278 € Austrian 1 (Vienna) 3h15m
Cyprus: Larnaka 151 € Wizz Air Direct 2h45m
Czech Rep.: Prague 180 € Austrian 1 (Vienna) 4h05m
190 € Ukraine International Direct 2h25m
Estonia: Tallinn 214 € Air Baltic 1 (Riga) 5h00m
244 € Estonian Direct 1h45m
Georgia: Tbilisi 137 € Ukraine International Direct 2h45m Departure possible on 19 December: arriving at Kyiv at 8:25
Georgia: Kutaisi 173 € Wizz Air Direct 2h45m Early morning departure on 21 December: no flight on 22 December
Greece: Athens 147 € Ukraine International Direct 2h40m Departure possible on 19 December: arriving at Kyiv at 8:10
Hungary: Budapest 99 € Wizz Air Direct 1h45m
Kazakhstan: Astana 310 € Air Astana 1 (Almaty) 15h40m Night stopovers in Almaty both ways
394 € Belavia 1 (Minsk) 8h20m
Kazakhstan: Almaty 236 € Ukraine International Direct 6h40m Return on 22 December
237 € Air Astana Direct 5h20m Late arrival on 19 December at 11:30
Kazakhstan: Karaganda 361 € Aeroflot 1 (Moscow) 7h15m Arrival at 09:25, departure at 15:40
Latvia: Riga 273 € Air Baltic Direct 1h50m
Lithuania: Vilnius 101 € Ukrainian International Direct 1h20m Early morning departure on 21 December
Macedonia: Skopje 295 € Turkish 1 (Istanbul) 10h05m Return from Kyiv: 10:55 (9h55) or 21:15 (12h, night stopover)
Moldova: Chisinau 153 € Ukraine International Direct 1h15m Departure possible on 19 December: arriving at Kyiv at 8:20
Montenegro: Podgorica 276 € Austrian 1 (Vienna) 7h10m Return from Kyiv: night stopover (19h10)
Poland: Warsaw 101 € Ukraine International Direct 1h35m
Poland: Krakow 198 € LOT 1 (Warsaw) 4h00m
Romania: Bucharest 251 € LOT + Austrian 1 (Vienna / Warsaw) 5h35m Stopover in Vienna to Kyiv, in Warsaw from Kyiv. Departure from Kyiv and arrival to Bucharest on 22 December morning.
Russia: Moscow 114 € Ukraine International Direct 1h35m Departure possible on 19 December: arriving at Kyiv at 8:20
Russia: St. Petersburg 97 € Aeroflot Direct 2h05
Serbia: Belgrade 263 € Aeroflot 1 (Moscow) 6h35
Slovakia: Bratislava 428 € Czech 1 (Prague) 16h25 Little meaningful connections: use Vienna airport or train
Slovenia: Ljubljana 305 € Adria + Ukraine International 1 (Vienna / Zurich) 8h40
Turkey: Istanbul 191 € Aeroflot 1 (Moscow) 7h45m
231 € Turkish Direct 1h55m
Turkey: Ankara 318 € Turkish 1 (Istanbul) 4h15

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  • Boryspil International Airport (KBP) - Boryspil Airport has 3 terminals in operation: B, D, and F. Most international flights arrive in the terminals D or F, whereas terminal B is used for domestic flights. Terminal B is much older than F and dates back to Soviet times, but in fact they differ in small details only. Both terminal B and F are very cramped and inconvenient, while terminal D is newer and larger. Expect long queues at the immigration control, which is inevitably haphazard. Despite separate lanes for Ukraine citizens, 'non-visa', and 'visa' passengers, few booths are usually in operation so getting through immigration can take over 30 minutes. Airlines operating to/from KBP include Ukraine's two major international airlines: Ukraine International Airlines (Міжнародні Авіалінії України - Mizhnarodni Avialiniyi Ukrayiny) and Aerosvit (АероСвіт), as well as Aeroflot, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Delta, Estonian Air, Finnair, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and AirBaltic . Aerosvit and Delta are the only airlines with non-stop service to North America.
  • Zhulyany Airport (IEV) - Mostly served by budget airlines, Wizzair is the major airline operating to this airport.

To Boryspil Airport

By bus

The easiest way to travel between the city centre and Boryspil (KBP) is the Sky Bus, which operates service to/from the Vokzalna/Central Railway station for UAH40. Buses depart every 15 minutes during rush hour, or every 45 minutes in the middle of the night, 24/7.

Detailed timetable is here

The journey to the city centre takes 40 to 70 minutes and the buses stop in the front of every terminal. Buses terminate at the southern side of the railway station. To get to the metro (Vokzalna station) from the bus stop, enter the railway terminal, follow the bridge over the railway, leave the building, and turn left.

Before arriving at the Central Station the buses also make a stop at the Kharkivska Metro|, in the southwestern suburbs (on the Green Line, M3). If your destination lies on the Left Bank, or if it's rush hour (in which case the bus is likely to run into traffic in the center) and you were going to take the subway anyway, it might be a good idea to exit there. It's a much shorter walk to the station (especially if you have luggage), and the fare is also slightly cheaper from the airport. To do this the other way around (from the city to the airport) is less convenient, since the bus might skip the stop if it's already full (and even if it does stop, you'd be standing all the way, as most seats are usually taken at the terminus).

Map with airport for CEEM-2014
By taxi

For taxis, the minimum price to the city centre is about UAH200 when you book in advance. The official taxi service at the airport (Sky Taxi) is slightly more expensive at UAH6.50/km. Unofficial cabs may demand higher prices, so always arrange the price before you enter the cab and feel free to bargain.

To/from Zhulyany Airport

By bus
  • Bus 9 operates service to/from the Vokzalna/Central Railway Station, with connections to Metro Line 1.
  • Bus Route 78 operates service to Vasylkivska Metro Station, where connections can be made to Metro Line 2.
  • Trolleybus Route 22 operates service to Dorohozhychi Station, where connections can be made to Metro Line 3.
By train
  • From Volynsky Train Station (located 500m from the domestic terminal) you can go on elektrichka (commuter trains operate service) to the central/Vokzalna Railway Station. The intracity Urban Electric Train service also operates at Volynsky train station.