Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2014/Wikimania

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Wikimedia CEE Meetup at Wikimania 2014 at Barbian Centre, London, UK.

Wikimania 2014 meetup notes edit




Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, WMF (Asaf Bartov, Anna Koval)


1. What we have learned from previous meetings?

2. Is there a need for another meeting?

3. What are the next steps?


1. What we have learned from previous meetings?

+ Serbia 2012: good topics, agenda, started talking together, making relationship

+ Slovakia 2013: the agenda was not clear; wasn't a success

+ Some cooperations (Wiki expeditions) in the mean while, but always only between just two or three countries, not regionally

2. Is there a need for another meeting, and if so, what are the next steps?

+ developing relationships

+ promote good practices between the neighbours

+ developing content: edit wiki: one week edits about ceska, the other about poland, ukraine, etc... (use wikimetrics)

+ developing community: CEE Wiki camp for kids

+ wikidata – a big potential for CEE

+ mailing list or FB group

+ FB promotion of Wikipedia articles – do it regionally

+ announce events in the region and invite people that are close to the border to join

+ competitions with prizes (travel to wikimania, or to participating countries)

3. Next steps:

+ we will see if we need it

+ list of needs from the movement: every country to tell its difficulties and the WMF could do meetups with the similar (Antanana from Ukraine will start a Wiki page on Meta)

+ we will continue the conversation during Wikimania and on the list

+ Poland and Ukraine are interested in hosting

+ WMF may be able to help with the visas

+ a decision should be made soon (by the end of August??) if this meeting is to happen in 2014