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在2012年11月,来自Sinenjongo高级中学的学生在他们的脸书上写了一封公开信,希望手机运营商能够允许他们免费连接维基百科以便帮助他们的功课。在2013年5月,来自Charlene Music的导演与我一起在相机的见证下拆开了这封公开信。下面视频是这信件的内容:

The cost of data is a major obstacle to accessing the free knowledge on Wikipedia for hundreds of millions of people. These students want their cellphone carriers to sign up to Wikipedia Zero, a partnership program organized by the Wikimedia Foundation to enable mobile access to Wikipedia - free of data charges - in developing countries.

We will be sharing the longer documentary about the class as soon as it’s ready. While we are still editing the longer documentary, we're looking for:

1.) A few skilled volunteers who can help to translate captions to accompany the video above and the longer documentary. There are currently eleven official languages in South Africa alone. We need volunteers to create captions for all those languages, and as many other languages as possible.

2.) A motion graphics or digital artist who could help us design and animate a few titles, maps and statistics for the documentary. If you are interested, feel free to email me: vgrigas or get in touch with me on my talk page User:Vgrigas.


Victor Grigas
Visual Storyteller,维基媒体基金会