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The process for the selection of the location of Wikimania 2008 will occur as follows:

  • Establishment of the judging criteria
    A judging grid will be established with a certain number of criteria, used to determine a total number of point for each city
  • Weighting of the judging criteria
    Each criteria will be given a maximum number of points it can be attributed so as to make sure a certain balance in individual jury votes is balanced.
  • The jury will confirm the list of running cities following the published schedule.
  • The jury will follow the development of bids and provide input when/where needed.
  • Members of the jury will be present at a public IRC meeting with the bidding teams. All interested community members are invited to participate.
  • The jury will discuss and enter the Q&A phase, asking specific or general questions to the bidding cities for one week. Bidding teams are expected to answer the jury's questions. The jury will, during the Q&A period, vote and refine its votes on the aforementioned grid
  • Once the Q&A period is over, the jury will announce the winning city.

Jury edit

The Jury to decide of Wikimania 2008 location is composed of the following people:

The jury for deciding of the location of Wikimania 2008 is composed of the following (note that we are still waiting for answers from a few people):

Voting members of the jury edit

Advisors edit

Further Board members may act as advisors to the jury if they so choose.

Moderators edit

Note that Moderators are neutral aides and will not act as representatives.

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