WikiConference India 2016/Submissions/GLAM Focus in West Bengal: A Brief Report

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GLAM Focus in West Bengal: A Brief Report

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Sujay25 (Link)

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First ever GLAM in West Bengal launched in Kolikata Little Magazine Library o Gabeshana Kendra (KLMLGK)from June 2015, supported by Wikimedia India. Next project started in St. John's Church, Kolkata. This brief report is about-

1. The process & procedure we follow

2. What we have achieved so far

3. Challenges we have faced

4. Future GLAMs in West Bengal


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Review and evaluationEdit

@Sujay25: We at the Programs think that there is not enough merit to do a complete talk but this would be suitable for a lightning talk. Would you be interested to convert your talk into a lightning talk and talk about all your learnings?

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