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  • Who can attend?

Everyone who cares about the mission of Wikimedia projects is welcome. We encourage students, teachers, librarians, researchers, media professionals, authors, photographers and technologists to attend the conference.

  • Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. We encourage participants to bring their family and kids. Baby care will be available. We encourage minors traveling alone from other cities to be accompanied by an adult.


  • How can I register for the event?

Registration for WikiConference India is open now.

Please register at http://wci2016.doattend.com/

  • How much is the registration fee?

We are providing free registration (including registration fee, swag, food) and accommodation for all speakers, local volunteers, guests, scholarship recipients and Wikimedians with over 50 global edits on July 25, 2016.

Those who register for the early bird tickets pay 750 INR which includes registration fee and food. Swag and accommodation is charged separately for those who need it.

  • Should my friend/family member accompanying me pay?

We offer one free registration and accommodation for anyone who accompanies you.

  • Is on spot registration available?



  • What are the social activities?
    • Thursday evening - Friendly football match
    • Friday evening - Punjabi Cultural night
    • Saturday evening - DJ night
    • Sunday evening - City tour

There is no full day city tour on any day before or after the conference.

  • Is there any prize or contest?


  • Where should I send the complete paper/presentation?

Please email to wikiconference(_AT_)wikimedia.in


  • How do I reach venue/hostel from the airport/railway station?

We plan to pick most of the people arriving at the airport, railway station and bus station. Our volunteers will be present and receive you even if you arrive in odd hours. We will update this page soon with shuttle schedules. We will have buses fetching you from the hostel to the venue.


  • How is the weather like?

It is hot and humid. Likely to rain. Please bring your mini umbrellas or rain coats.


  • Where is the accommodation?

Participants will stay in the student hostels in Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran. Separate hostels are available for men and women. Family members can stay together in the guest house or a same room in the hostel. We offer one free registration and accommodation for anyone who accompanies you.

  • Is baby care available?


  • When is accommodation available?

4, 5, 6 & 7 August, 2016.

  • What is the accommodation cost?

300 INR per head per day. Scholarship recipients and other invitees will get free accommodation.

  • Whom will I share a room with?

Four persons will share a room. You can suggest your preferred room partner while you register. We recommend you to share rooms with people from other parts of the country so you can network well.

  • What will be provided in the hostels?

Bed sheets, pillow, bucket and mug will be provided in the hostels.

  • Can I get a private room?

Yes, provided such rooms are available, and you pay the cost for additional beds too.

  • Can you recommend some hotels to stay?
  1. Casba Retreat is just 2.2 KM from the venue.
  2. Hotel Mirage Mohali is around 7 KM from the venue.

Scholarship recipients

  • What can I reimburse?

Scholarship recipients can reimburse travel, food cost while they travel to and from airport or railways station. We reimburse only rail or bus fare for intercity travel for taking train or flight. Volvo A/C bus or 3rd A/C train tickets can be reimbursed for intercity travel. Taxi trip to the airport within city limits can be refunded. These reimbursements will be paid after arriving at the conference.

  • Who will book my travel ticket?

Our travel agent LIVE HOLIDAYS will book the ticket for you. They will get in touch with you through email or phone.

  • Will I get a flight or train journey?

If your city is reachable by train within 24 hours from Chandigarh, we will recommend taking a train. For destinations that take more than 24 hours by train, we will book flights.

  • Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

Yes. Please get in touch with the travel agent to pay for their trip. We offer one free registration and accommodation for anyone who accompanies you.

  • When can I arrive and depart?

We recommend arriving on 4th August evening and departing on 8th August morning to realize maximum impact from conference proceedings and social activities. Accommodation is available on 4, 5, 6 & 7 August. We expect you to attend at least two full days of the conference.


  • Whom should I contact for any clarification?
    • Dr. Manavpreet Kaur +919138534440 (Support in English, Hindi, and Punjabi)
    • Vikas +919138634440 (Support in English and Hindi)

Email: wikiconferenceindia(_AT_)wikimedia.in