Vietnam Wikimedians User Group

Vietnam Wikimedians User Group (VWUG or VNWMUG) is an independent Wikimedia user group formed by Vietnamese active members in Wikimedia projects since 2018. Our objectives are to pursue and continue to work in advancing and sharing information through the Wikimedia platforms and encourage and promote the contribution to the same platforms by Vietnamese-speaking users. As of September 2023, our group has 14 members.

Vietnam Wikimedians User Group

Location Vietnam
Country codeVN
Approval date28 August 2018
Official language(s)Vietnamese
Mailing listwikimedia-vn
Logo with introductory text used in Facebook page (translated to English)
Designated logo of the User Group (with text)

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To join the group, feel free to write your name below. With the purpose of widening the group and creating a diverse community, you are free to join our group without any barriers. For not active users, see here.

Board of committees Edit

  • Alphama (president since 11/05/2018): Metawiki, Commons, Wikidata, Wikibooks, Wikiquote
  • NhacNy2412 (vice president since 29/07/2022): Vietnamese Wikipedia (eliminator, since 2020)
  • Bluetpp (vice president since 29/07/2022): Vietnamese Wikipedia (sysop, since 2017), Wikidata

Members Edit

  • Mongrangvebet: Vietnamese Wikipedia user since 2014 (eliminator, since 2021)
  • Bdanh: Vietnamese Wikipedia (patroller, since 2018)
  • JrandWP: Vietnamese Wikipedia member since 2019 (active since 2021), rollbacker
  • Levietduong: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2013)
  • MTRIProd: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2023)
  • phjtieudoc: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2017)
  • Dotruonggiahy12: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2020)
  • DanGong: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2011)
  • Mintu Martin: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2015)
  • ExplodedAnt: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2023)
  • Minhdat1505: Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2018)

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