Vietnam Wikimedians User Group/History


After attending ESEAP Conference 2018 in Bali and first meeting Tuanminh01 there, Alphama triggered an idea with the purpose of creating a new Vietnamese User Group at the Vietnamese Wikipedia, which follows the common movement of ESEAP in forming user groups in local language projects. At that moment, Cheers!, an ex-sysop agreed to this proposal and participated together with Alphama and Tuanminh01 as the three group founders to register the group formally with Wikimedia.

From 2018 to 2020, Tuanminh01 is the most active founder who held many writing contests while both Alphama and Cheers! was busy in their personal life. Unfortunately, after several incidents, Tuanminh01 left Vietnamese Wikipedia and also the Vietnamese User Group. In 2021, Alphama returned but lost his belief in the group's success. In July 2022, Alphama decided to nominate Bluetpp and NhacNy2412 to the Board of Committees. The group is expected to continue to develop with new members and activities.