Vietnam Wikimedians User Group

Vietnam Wikimedians User Group is a Wikimedia user group formed by active members of Vietnamese Wikimedia projects. Our objectives are to pursue and continue to work in advancing and sharing information through the Wikimedia platforms and encourage and promote the contribution to the same platforms by Vietnamese-speaking users.

Vietnam Wikimedians User Group
LocationFlag of Vietnam.svg Vietnam
Country codeVNM
Approval date28 August 2018
Official language(s)Vietnamese
Mailing listwikimedia-vn
Facebook[1] and [2]
Logo with introductory text used in Facebook page (translated to English)
Designated logo of the User Group (with text)


  • Introducing Wikimedia projects to more Vietnamese people;
  • Encouraging Vietnamese people to become contributors in Wikimedia projects;
  • Improve quality and number of articles and other content in Vietnamese language in Wikimedia projects;
  • Improve quality and number of content about Vietnam in other languages in Wikimedia projects, including projects like Commons and Wikidata;
  • Do outreach work about using and contributing to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects;
  • Organise various content improvement activities;
  • Develop relationships with GLAM institutions;
  • Collaborate with other Wikimedia user groups and chapters, other free culture groups in Vietnam;
  • Provide support for any minority language projects (small languages in Vietnam) when opportunity arises.



Membership is open. To join the group, add your name to the list and use provided means of communication.

  • Tuanminh01, Vietnamese Wikipedia (sysop, since 2015), commons, wikidata, WMF Community Strategic Discussion Coordinator
  • Alphama, Vietnamese Wikipedia (sysop, since 2017), commons, wikidata
  • Cheers!, Vietnamese Wikipedia (former sysop in 2011-2013), commons, wikidata
  • Chihaya~chan Vietnamese Wikipedia (autopatroller, since 2016), commons, wikidata
  • Bluetpp Vietnamese Wikipedia (autopatroller, since 2017), wikidata
  • Kimkha Vietnamese Wikipedia (editor, since 2005), commons, wikisource, wikidata, mediawiki
  • ThiênĐế98 Vietnamese Wikipedia (sysop, since 2018)
  • Ledinhthang Vietnamese Wikipedia (eliminator, since 2018)
  • Mai Ngọc Xuân Vietnamese Wikipedia (eliminator, since 2018)
  • Bdanh Vietnamese Wikipedia (patroller, since 2018)
  • Én bạc Vietnamese Wikipedia (editor, since 2015)
  • Tuyenduong97 Vietnamese Wikipedia (autopatroller, since 2017)
  • Hugopako, sysop since 2018
  • Quenhitran Wikimedia user since 2011, sysop since 2017
  • Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington sysop on enwp. — Nearly Headless Nick {C} 04:55, 27 May 2018 (UTC)
  • P.T.Đ Vietnamese Wikipedia user since 2016, eliminator since 2017
  • Mintu Martin Vietnamese Wikipedia user since 2015
  • Sideduck Vietnamese Wikipedia user since 2006
  • Vdongold Vietnamese Wikipedia since 2015 (autopatroller, since 2016)
  • Nhatminh01 Vietnamese Wikipedia since 2018 (autopatroller, since 2018)
  • Lionel Scheepmans Belgian editor mainly on French project since 2008 (fr.wikiversity sysop, since 2015)
  • Cha Rồng Vietnamese Wikipedia since 2017 (autopatroller, since 2017)
  • Tunguyentr Vietnamese Wikipedia since 2014 (autopatroller, since 2018)
  • Keo010122 Vietnamese Wikipedia (rollbacker, patroller, autopaltroller since 2019), Wikidata, Metawiki, Commons
  • Nguyễn M. Đức Vietnamese Wikipedia since 2020, Commons, Wikidata, Meta-wiki
  • JohnsonLee01 Vietnamese Wikipedia (autopaltroller since 2020), Commons, Wikidata, Metawiki.
  • Levietduong Vietnamese Wikipedia (since 2008, contributor since 2013, autopaltroller), Wikidata, Metawiki
  • MeigyokuThmn, active mainly on Vietnamese Wikipedia since the end of 2019, Goto my Wikipedia userpage
  • Nothing I Can't, active mainly in Vietnamese Wikipedia and Wikinews Beta (in Wikimedia Incubator), contributor since 1/2020, autopatroller since 6/2020. Go to my userpage in Vietnamese Wikipedia
  • Namnguyenvn Vietnamese Wikipedia since 2010

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