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We have a problem when it comes to translations for Wikimania - potentially there could be many people to help, but not all are willing to learn now, just a few days before the event starts, how wikis work - therefore I am collecting people who are at disposal for translations here. They are grouped according to their language combination.

Besides that all translators for Wikimania are being collected in a Yahoo group in order to be able to transmit a message to all when a new article is there to be translated and for them to give a short note of "I am working on it" in order that other's know what is being done and will not work on the same article, but start something else to do.

I will try to keep a "is missing" list, with texts that still need to be translated (in that list only the links and no text will be inserted).

I already asked for authorisation to contact Logos, ProZ and Gotranslators on behalf of Wikimania to find further translators.

The yahoogroup where translators are in is: - to subscribe send an empty message to

As for the license: most articles are published under GDFL - so also the translations will be under GDFL, otherwise under the license the author of the article chose.

Thank you for your Attention!

--Sabine 07:58, 29 July 2005 (UTC)[reply]

Your giving a glance to translation requests will be appreciated to improve communication around Wikimedia projects. Thank you! Aphaia++ 21:31, 18 August 2005 (UTC)[reply]

DE-EN edit

DE-EO edit

DE-FR edit

DE-IT edit

  • Stefano Asperti - stefano.asperti (at) -
  • Valentina Sciutti - valesciutti (at)
  • Gianpiero Pascali - pgianpy (at)
  • Silvia Borge -
  • Margherita Ferrero - marbianca (at)
  • Elisa Casaretto - studentessa 3°anno traduttori e interpreti (GE)
  • Roberta Cuzzolin - darcy (at)
  • Chiara Sciarabba - claire_822001 (at)
  • Luana Mandarà - mandaraluana (at) -
  • Claudia Ischia - claudia.ischia (at)
  • Clea Rivalta - flyeeve (at)

DE-NL edit

EN-DE edit

EN-IT edit

EN-FR edit

EN-NL edit

EN-PL edit

EN-PT (Brasilian Portuguese) edit

EN-RU edit

  • Kaganer - proofreading
  • ACrush – coordination given there is some free time

EN-SL edit

EN-ZH edit

ES-IT edit

ES-IT edit

  • Marcela Ivonne Schiaffini - Nettuno (Rm) -
  • Samantha Massazza -(Laureanda in traduzione ed interpretazione)
  • Luca

FR-CAT edit

  • Landiman

FR-DE edit

FR-EN edit

FR-IT edit

  • Silvia Carmignani - silviacarmignani (at) -
  • Chiara Manfrinato - chiaramanfrinato (at) -
  • Elisa Grego - yukiguni81 (at)
  • Valentina Sciutti - valesciutti (at)
  • Daniela Salerno - maxrufo (at)
  • Gabriella Broccoli - gabriella.broccoli (at) -
  • Cinzia Iacovelli - cinzia.iacovelli (at) -
  • Monica Ciurluini - mociurl (at)
  • Zakaria Elghormli - zakelo (at)
  • Wikipedius
  • Francesca Santoni :
  • Ilaria Scotti Rinaldi - scotti.rinaldi (at)
  • Luca - (tecnical-scientific)
  • Sandra Figuera - sandrafiguera (at)
  • Simona Brogli - odolow (at) - superodo (at)
  • Glenda Terenzi - glendaterenzi (at)
  • Stefania Vidimi - stefaniavidimi (at)
  • Claudia Carmenati - claudia.carmenati (at),

FR-PT (Brasilian Portuguese) edit

IT-DE edit

IT-EN edit

  • Ilaria Scotti Rinaldi - scotti.rinaldi (at)
  • Wikipedius

IT-FR edit

  • Simona Brogli - odolow (at) - superodo (at)

IT-ES edit

  • Marcela Ivonne Schiaffini - Nettuno (Rm) -
  • Luca - (scientific tec.)

IT-PT (Brasilian Portuguese) edit

NL-DE edit

PL-IT edit

PT-EN edit

RU-IT edit

  • Sandra Figuera -
  • Margherita Sanguineti - CV su richiesta
  • Ru: Skovorodkin

SK-IT edit

EN-CAT edit

  • Landiman (BArcelona)
  • Carles - (Barcelona