Paul Kaganer
Paul Kaganer
Wiki-medium, translator into Russian, translation administrator, „Wikimedia RU“ member
It's a really wiki-way - stormily talking; slowly making ;)

About me

I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm an IT Specialist for Enterprise Information Systems. I was born and living in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am a member of the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia movement since September 2004.

My work

Mostly, I write in the Russian edition of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, but please leave notes for me here.

My contributions to Meta-Wiki began in April 2005. Since then, I have been translating various Wikimedia words into Russian, and supporting them up to date.

I'm a translation admin on Meta, Wikidata and Commons, and also a sysop in and Meta-Wiki (also in Meta I have flags "Interface admin" and "Central notice admin"). During a period from 2014-10-11 to 2016-11-15, I was also a Global Sysop for technical support small Wikipedias.

I was a member of the Arbitration Committee in the Russian edition of Wikipedia (firstly, since Dec. 2005 to Dec. 2006, and then a few more times, e.g. in 2019/20). I am also a member of Wikimedia RU (local Wikimedia chapter in Russian Federation).

Contact me

  • My volunteer account is kaganer within all Wikimedia projects, in, and related technical sites.
  • If you authorized Wikimedia user, you may email me by using this link. In other cases, please leave your message in my personal talk page.


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Common Wikimedia Glossary
concise definitions of the terms used in communication within the Wikimedia movement.
Meta-wiki Glossary
terms and acronyms that are found often in Meta (i.e. local jargon), but not necessarily found on other projects (such as English Wikipedia).
Glossary/Grants, Grants:APG/Glossary (en) and FDC Glossary
specific to the grants and their management in the Wikimedia movement.
English-Russian Wikimedia Glossary (Russian Translation team)
Privacy policy/Glossary of key terms
key terms and definitions of the Privacy policy
Learning and Evaluation/Glossary
key terms and definitions of the Learning and Evaluation
Abstract Wikipedia/Glossary
key terms and definitions of the Abstract Wikipedia
Wikimedia Strategy Glossary
Survey Support Desk Glossary (en)
wm-bot (en)
Wikimedia bot's definitions
Index to meta pages
Wikimedia Chapters Association/Glossary (en)
Surveys/Glossary (en)
GLAM School/Definitions (en)


Translate Extension Glossary
Manual:Glossary (and Category:Glossary)
MediaWiki terminology glossary.


Terminology project, including links to most of the other glossaries
MediaWiki Basic glossary
list of the most common and basic technical terms that are necessary for using the MediaWiki software.

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Wikidata glossary
Wikimedia Incubator Glossary (includes Language committee terms)
English Wikipedia glossary (and d:Q1389361#sitelinks-wikipedia)
Wikipedia glossary
English Wikibooks Glossary
Wikibooks Glossary
WikiTech Glossary (en)
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