Welcome to the Meta-Wiki translator signup page

Hi, and thanks for your interest in helping with translations!

You can sign up here to get notifications about new material here on Meta-Wiki to translate into your languages. This way we don't have to notify everyone when, for example, there is a page that only needs translation into one specific language.

As you can see in the form below, you just fill it in with the languages you want to translate into, check the boxes for how you want to be notified, and you will get notifications when there are new requests for your languages. It has never been easier!

If you want to start translating already, you can go to Special:LanguageStats or Translation requests to see what pages need translation. (But please do sign up first!)

Q: Why can I only choose three languages?
A: While there are many users in the Wikimedia universe who speak or know much more than three languages, in our experience they don't usually contribute translations in more than one or two languages. Therefore we decided to keep the form simple, by limiting the amount of languages one can choose. There is of course no problem if you wish to translate into more than three languages, if you wish to.