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Hi everyone,

My name is Mauro, 38. I am an ESL teacher and interpreter with a Master's Degree in Foreign Languages from the Università di Verona, Italy. My native language is Italian, but I also speak English and French. I have a grasp of European Literature, art history, and i love U.S. History, which i have started to read quite a bit about now.

I have worked about ten years teaching English and French and translating texts. Now i am working online it's loads of fun. Wikipedia gives me a break from my routine and is a great way to share what you learn with folks who put value on culture regardless of national boundaries.

I started learning English when i was 14, and i have not stopped ever since! The internet revolution which many people in Europe still regard with mistrust has given me more tools to broaden my horizons than i could have possibly imagined, and here i am, trying to give something back, however little, in the English, French and Italian sections of Wiki.

Many people can buy into the media clichés when they do not speak the language of a foreign country or can't get in touch with their people. Only a worldwide non-profit, multi-lingual project has the power to reach across the oceans, and tear down those walls. I hope you will enjoy my articles about Italian culture and join me on my talk pages to tell me what you think.

Good luck with your work and check back often!





Target: Herman Melville
Target: Ezra Pound
Target: Percy Bysshe Shelley



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