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Televidmasto apud Dunedin, Nov-Zelando.
Bildo de Geocachernemesis.

Vikivortaro estas vortaro

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de GerardM

Demotic script on a replica of the rosetta stone on display in Magdeburg.
By Chris 73

Konfliktkomisiono por la franclingva Vikipedio



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10 000 artikoloj en Vikicitaro


by Aphaia

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Ero de araba traduko de la libor de Ĵob (28:1-21).
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Persian training material

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Persian, (فارسی), is a language with a rich tradition that is the official language in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan and is widely spoken in Uzbekistan.

AdamM's Persian teacher really liked the idea of a wiki when it was shown to her, and she was really happy when it was suggested that she put her training materials on Wikibooks.

Realizing this idea proved to be a struggle. Learning Persian is like going back to primary school — you are learning to recognize the shapes and sounds of characters when you learn your first words. It involves learning words you may not be interested in, chosen to introduce a few characters at a time. The materials in question are being used to teach Persian to men and women with Iranian partners who live in the Netherlands. To these people it is particularly important to speak well, as many pupils go to Iran after learning the basics to meet their new families for the first time.

All of the Persian texts have been pronounced, recorded, and uploaded to the Commons, a process that proved to be troublesome: sound files use the naming scheme xx.word.ogg, where xx is the ISO 639 code. When this was applied to a word like برادر, you get fa-برادر.ogg. A file with this name cannot be uploaded with Firefox, cannot be saved with Audacity, and cannot be listened to with Ashampoo. You can, however, use Internet Explorer to upload such a file to Commons.

The upload functionality received a facelift while this was going on, making it possible to upload a file and add all of its categories at once, which cut down the time needed for these uploads by more than half.

A deeply iterated Buddhabrot, a special rendering of the Mandelbrot set
By Evercat

As Persian is read from right to left, it makes sense to have the Persian material in the domain and not in the nl: or the en: domain. This leads to a not-so-funny problem. The symbol that indicates an external link does not move to the left in a Persian article; instead, it obscures the first characters in a word, making it somewhat unreadable. Luckily there is a <div class="plainlinks"> style which removes this nuisance on an article-by-article basis. Depending on which browser you use, an article such as PersianLes2 may be almost impossible to edit, even for people familiar with wiki syntax.

We currently have articles with Persian pronunciations, and intend to add Dutch words and phrases to Wiktionary as well. This way we hope to have many functional translations, to make it easy to localize the material for students of Persian who speak other languages. For now, please enjoy the current English-Persian wikibook.

PlanetMath Exchange


Osezaki lighthouse

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by 俊武 (Toshitake)

Osezaki lighthouse