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Question critic

What do you think is the best way for the Wikimedia Foundation to help improve the health, growth and diversity of our communities to help them be more welcoming and open so that the movement is sustainable?

Potential approches strategic
Per favor lege tra isto e lassa nos cognoscer per numero usque a tres de sex tu pote supporta. Tu pote alsi compartir tu proprie idea.

  • Approche uno: Reducer le problema de molestias e differentia de genere pro facilitar un ambiente secur, agradabile, e solidari pro collaboratores e redactores.
  • Approche duo: Crear e supportar le programmas pro accrescer le participation del voluntarios tal como le recognoscentia, le tutor facilitate, e le ingagiamento renovate personalisate
  • Approche tres: Increase communication and transparency with and between our communities and across Wikimedia affiliates.
  • Approach four: Align efforts between our affiliate organizations and the Wikimedia Foundation to increase local language and community coverage on key initiatives.
  • Approach five: Improve automation tools to reduce manual work for managing content and projects.
  • Approach six: Simplify policies and processes for building communities and wikis.
  • Approach seven: your idea.

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