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Telegram is a popular way for Wikimedians to chat and discuss in real time. Below is a list of public Telegram groups/channels for different Wikimedian Projects.

Telegram requires a phone number to register. It is possible not to share the information with other users.


Each channel/group may have their own policies. Please show respect to others.

Public groups should use Wikidata property Telegram username (P3789) to record their group ID. Eg see Chinese Wikipedia.

But many groups prefer to stay private to avoid spam. In that case you can add a statement that P3789 is "unknown" with qualifier "described at URL" pointing to the relevant section below. Eg see Wikidata that has two Telegram groups:

  • A public group "wikidatachat" (Wikidata Help) with fewer subscribers
  • A private group "Wikidata" with more subscribers, expressed as "unknown" value with qualifier that points to a section below with a "joinchat" link

You can also record number of subscribers (P3744) to allow users to pick more popular groups, as shown for Wikidata.


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikimedia announcements Channel en and others Announcements to the global Wikimedia communities.
Wikimedia General Group en General discussion of Wikimedia-related matters.
Wikimedia Belgium Group nl/fr/en Belgium Chapter
Wikimedia Education Group en Informal discussions related to Wikimedia Education
Wikimedia LGBT+ Group en Wikimedia user group supporting the LGBT+ community and friends
Wikipedia Library Channel en
Wikimedia les sans pagEs Channel fr Wikimedia user group supporting initiatives aiming at reducung gender biaises in teh francophone community
WikiPhoto Channel en
Wikimedia Colombia Group es
Wikimedia Perú Group es Grupo de usuarios/as wikimedistas de Perú. Más información en Q29949307
Esperanto and Free Knowledge Group eo
ВікіФлудоЧат Group uk Informal Wikipedia and broader Wikimedia discussions in Ukrainian
GenderGap Group Group en and others Informal discussions related to Gender Gap
WikiFranca Group fr WikiFranca
Wikimedians for Sustainable Development Group en
Wikimedia Belarus Channel be
Wikimedia Belarus Group be
Wikimedia Belarus (tarask) Group be
Wikimedia Poland Channel pl
Wikimedia Poland Group pl
Wikimedia Portugal Group pt
Wikimedia Indonesia Group id
Wikimedia Indonesia Channel id
Wikimedia Ukraine Channel uk
Wikimedia Sverige Group sv
Wikipedia Asian Month Group en
CROW - Conference Remote Options for Wikimedians Group en WikiProject remote event participation group
Abstract Wikipedia Group en Abstract Wikipedia group
Wikimedia Movement Strategy Group en Sharing experience on priorities that we should work on in 2021
Wikimedia Hubs Group en Community of practice for the Regional & thematic Hubs
Wikimedia Language Diversity Group en Policy, tech, linguistic and other relevant discussions tied to indigenous languages on Wikimedia projects
WMCEE Group en WMCEE group
Wiki User Groups Affiliates Group en
Wikimania Chat Group en wikimania: group
Wikimania Annoucements Channel en wikimania: channel
Wikimedia Small Projects Group en, es Wikimedia Small Projects in Spanish group
Stewards Group en private group for Stewards
Wikispore Group en Wikispore group
WMCA Discussions Group en, fr Wikimedia Canada discussions group
Global Open Initiative Group en Global Open Initiative discussions group
Dagbani Wikimedians Group en Dagbani Wikimedians User Group discussions group
Accessibility Group en
WikiCamp L'Escandille Group fr WikiCamp L'Escandille discussions group
Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network (SWAN) Group en Strategic Wikimedia Affiliates Network group
Wikimedia AI Group en Discussing issues of AI and machine learning
Wikimedia Hausa Group Ha Hausa Wikipedia community
Igbo Wikimedians User Group Group ig Igbo Wikimedians User Group discussion and update group
Ig Wiki Librarians Hub Group ig, ha, yo Ig Wiki Librarians Hub discussion/update group
Tyap Wikimedians User Group Group kcg Tyap Wikimedians User Group discussions handle

Project wikis


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikibooks-zh Group zh

Wikimedia Commons

Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikimedia Commons Community Group en A group for Commons people of all kinds. more info
Wikimedia Commons Turkey Group tr A group for Commons people of all kinds for Turkish users
Wikimedia Commons Zh Group zh A group for Commons people of all kinds for Chinese users


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikidata Group en General conversation about Wikidata
Wikidata en español Group es Discusión general sobre Wikidata
Wikidata de Group de General conversation about Wikidata but in German
Wikidata (IT) Group it Conversation about Wikidata in Italian
GWMAB Group it Conversation about Wikidata in Italian, especially about Wikidata and GLAM (see d:Wikidata:Gruppo Wikidata per Musei, Archivi e Biblioteche)
Wikidata Sverige Group sv Conversation about Wikidata topics related to Sweden
Wikidata Norge Group nb, nn Conversation about Wikidata topics related to Norway
WikiCite Group en Wikicite: Open citations and bibliographic metadata.
Wikidata Ex Música Group en, other Unofficial group for conversations concerning music on Wikidata
Wikidata Norden Group da, en, fi, fo, is, kl, nb, nn, smi, sv Conversation about Wikidata topics related to the Nordics
Wikidata Lexicographical data Group en Group dedicated to d:Wikidata:Lexicographical data discussions
Wikidata EntitySchemas Group en Group dedicated to d:WD:EntitySchema discussions
Wikidata API Developer Chat Group en Group dedicated to new developer tools/projects
Wiki Mentor Africa Group en Group dedicated to discussions about the Wiki Mentor Africa program.
OpenRefine-Wikimedia Group en Wikimedians who use 💎 OpenRefine 💎
WikiProject Ontology Group en For discussing the Wikidata ontology.

Wikifunctions & Abstract Wikipedia

Name Channel or Group Language Notes
General group Group en General group about Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions in English
Developer group Group en For technical engineering discussions about WikiLambda, Wikifunctions, and Abstract Wikipedia


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikinotizie - il gruppo Group it General group about Wikinews in Italian
Wikinotizie Channel it Broadcast recent changes on it.wikinews
Wikinews-zh Group zh Broadcast recent changes on zh.wikinews
Wikinews-eo Channel eo Wikinews in Esperanto (vikinovaĵoj)
Wikinotícias Group pt Portuguese Wikinews group.


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Қазақша Уикипедия Channel kk Kazakh-language Wikipedia
QazWiki group Group kk Kazakh Wikipedians community w:kk:Уикипедия:Telegram
wikipedia-cdo Group cdo 閩東語維基百科 / Mìng-dĕ̤ng-ngṳ̄ Wikipedia
Arab Wikipedians Group arabic Arab Wikipedians community
Wikipedia Basa Bali Group ban Balinese wikipedians community
বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়া Group bn বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়া সম্প্রদায় / Bangla Wikipedia community
Bangla Wikipedia Channel bn Bangla Wikipedia
cdo wiki bulletin Channel cdo
Grup Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia Group id Warung Kopi Wikipediawan bahasa Indonesia
Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia Channel id
Wikipedia Group it Wikipedia in italiano
Rembugan Wikipédia Jawa Group jv
Wikipédia Jawa Channel jv
Wikipedia in Lombard Group lmo, it Wikipedia in lumbaard
Wikipedia-lzh Group lzh, zh 文言維基大典 / Classical Chinese Wikipedia
lzh wiki bulletin Channel lzh 文言維基大典木鐸
WamLzh Channel lzh 維基大典亞洲月
Portuguese Wikipedia Group pt Portuguese Wikipedia group. Other languages are welcome. 186 members as of March 2021.
Wikipedia-mnc Group mnc, zh Manju gisun i Uikipidiya / Manchu Wikipedia
Wikipedia-sjo Group sjo, zh Sibe gisun Uikipidiya / Xibe Wikipedia
Wikipedianët Group sq Albanian Wikipedia / Wikipedian në shqip
Wikipedia-zh Group zh 中文维基百科。English Accepted. Interconnected with #Wikipedia-zhconnect. For more Chinese Wikipedia Telegram groups/channels, please refer to w:zh:WP:TG.
Wikipedia-zh-patrol Channel zh Broadcast newly created pages on ZhWiki.
Wikipedia-yue Group zh-yue 粵文維基百科傾計區 / Cantonese Wikipedia
cvn-zho Group lzh, zh-yue, zh-min-nan, gan, hak, wuu, cdo
wikipedia_de Group de German-language Wikipedia
Чат русской Википедии Group ru Russian-language Wikipedia
Википедия. Неофициально Channel ru Russian-language Wikipedia
WikiUa Channel uk Ukrainian-language Wikipedia / Неофіційний канал української Вікіпедії
WikiMK Channel mk Macedonian Wikipedia / Неофицијалниот канал за македонска Википедија
WikiPL Channel pl Polish Wikipedia / Nieoficjalny polski kanał Wikipedii
turkcevikipedi Group tr Turkish Wikipedia / Türkçe Vikipedi
bgwiki Group bg Bulgarian-language Wikipedia and Wikimedia community
Oʻzbekcha Vikipediya (chat) Group uz Uzbek Wikipedia group / Oʻzbekcha Vikipediya Telegram guruhi
Qaraqalpaq Wikipediası Group kaa Qaraqalpaq Wikipedia group / Qaraqalpaq Wikipediası
Qaraqalpaq Wikipedia Group tt Questions and Answers on Tatar Wikipedia / Татарча Википедия буенча сорау-җавап
Wikipedia en español Group es Spanish Wikipedia / Grupo para intercambiar ideas, ayudar, avisar de problemas, etc.
Wikipedia en español Canal es Spanish Wikipedia / Canal de información
Wikipedia på norsk Group nb, nn Norwegian Wikipedia communities
Wikipedia på norsk Group nb, nn Norwegian Wikipedia communities


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikisource global community Group
Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia Group id General group about Wikisource in Indonesian
Wikisource Group it General group about Wikisource in Italian
Vikikaynak Group tr Turkish Wikisource
wikisource-zh Group zh


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikiversità Group it General group about Wikiversity in Italian
wikiversity-zh group zh May be rather inactive, for prompt assistance, do directly use QQ group (details on village pump) or directly leave your message on either the village pump or any sysop / patroller talk pages


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikivoyage Group it General group about Wikivoyage in Italian
Vikigezgin Group tr Turkish Wikivoyage


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Vikisöz Group tr Turkish Wikiquote

MediaWiki and technical

Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikimedia Hackathon Group en This group is mirrored to IRC channel #wikimedia-hackathon and used during Hackathons
Wikimedia Hackathon mentoring group Group en This group is used during Hackathons, specifically for newcomers and mentors
MediaWiki HELP Group it/en Group about help in MediaWiki in Italian and English
MediaWiki Group ru
Wikimedia Cloud Services support Group en This group is mirrored to the IRC channel #wikimedia-cloud
Translatewiki Group en Official support channel for Mirrored to the IRC channel #translatewiki. 中文社群 Group zh
Wikibase community Group en Group for community users and developers of Wikibase, the MediaWiki extension driving Wikidata Group en Discussion, news and support related to Wikimedia Deutschland's
Wikimedia Tool Supporters Group en For everyone who cares about sustainability of Wikimedia's volunteer tools
Programs & Events Dashboard Group en Discussion and help for Programs & Events Dashboard (

Fellow movements

Name Channel or Group Language Notes
OpenStreetMap Group en Global OpenStreetMap group, see also List of OSM-centric Telegram accounts


@wikilinksbot is a bot that can be added to Telegram groups by anyone, that will link [[wiki links]] (including all interwiki links), {{templates}} and Wikidata entities like Q42 or P31 when they are used by chat members. The bot can be configured for each group to link to different wikis (even non-Wikimedia wikis), use different languages for Wikidata labels and more. Only group administrators or the bot maintainers can change the bot configuration for a group, but anyone can try out the options by starting a private chat with the bot. The full documentation can be found on the bot's GitHub page.

Links not working?

Many of the groups are not public to avoid spam. That means they can't be found by searching Telegram and you will need to use an invite link or have someone add you manually.

If the links on this page don't work in your browser, try opening them from within Telegram:

  • Copy the link on this page
  • Switch to Telegram
  • Find the "saved messages" section
  • Paste the link then send the message to send the link to yourself
  • Click the link in the message you just created

If that also doesn't work, you could search for the group "Wikimedia General chat" and ask in there if someone can help.

If a link on this page has expired, please let someone know so that it can be fixed!

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