Discord is a chat app. There are some Wikimedia-related Discord servers. Wikimedia community server is used for discussions about English Wikimedia projects, Commons, and Meta. Other servers are primarily divided by language and can be used to discuss Wikimedia projects in those languages.

Project serversEdit

There are some Wikimedia-related Discord servers.

Wikidata may have a more up-to-date list: Project:Discord (Q47303831)


Wikimedia-related Discord servers can use a bot called WikiBot (or DiscordWikiBot). Its main purpose is to turn [[wiki link]] (with interwiki support) and {{template}} syntax into real links to pages in Wikimedia projects. The bot will edit or delete its message if the message author changes or deletes wiki links from their message (for the latest 500 messages in its memory). It can also stream recent changes instantly from Wikimedia projects and notify every hour about new changes in translatewiki.net messages for different languages.

WikiBot is written in C# and its source code is available on GitHub under MIT licence. It is maintained by stjn. If you have a server for Wikimedia project, you can request WikiBot for it in English Discord server (ping @stjn in your request). Otherwise, you could run it yourself by following the installation guide on GitHub.

WikiBot can be localised on translatewiki.net.


WikiBot can be configured per server. To configure the bot, server members have to have ‘Manage server’ permission on Discord. Members with that permission will have access to the following commands:

  • !guildLang en: change the language to English (or others with valid ISO 639-2 code). This will fetch the localisation if it exists (see here) or will default to English.
  • !guildWiki <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/$1>: change the default link on a server to English Wikipedia
  • !guildDomain en.wikipedia.org: change target domain for recent changes streams in the server to English Wikipedia (works only for Wikimedia projects).
  • !guildTW #channel en: add a translatewiki.net stream for messages in English language in specified channel.
  • !channelWiki <https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/$1>: change the default link on a channel to Wikidata

More documentation of these commands can be provided by typing !help guildLang (or other command names). Configuration can be reverted back to default by typing !guildLang - (for !guildTW it’s !guildTW #channel -).

Recent changes streamsEdit

WikiBot supports recent changes streams by using EventStreams. Configuration of this feature is straightforward: server moderators can open a new stream by typing !openStream, edit its parameters by typing !editStream and close a stream in the specified channel by typing !closeStream. All streams have the following parameters:

  • --title – page title (can not contain two -)
  • --namespace – namespace number
  • --bot (true, false [default]) – include bot edits
  • --diff-length – minimum diff length
  • --in-comment – search a string in comment
  • --minor (true [default], false) – include minor edits
  • --patrolled (only, none, any [default]) – filter by patrolling status
  • --type (new, edit, any [default]) – type of edit

For commands to work, either a page title or a namespace number are required. An example of running a command:
!openStream #channel --namespace 8 --minor false --bot true
!closeStream #channel --namespace 8

If you have any streams enabled on your server, you can check if the connection to EventStreams is active by typing !status.


WikiBot works on following Discord servers:

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