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If you are member of the Juriwiki mailing list please add your name (nick and real name) and a short information about your background below.

Arne Klempert, vice-chairman of Wikimedia Deutschland and ususally the person who handles the legal stuff. I have no professional legal background, but meanwhile I gained some experience that should be sufficent to know in which cases I should ask a professional ;)

Angela is interested (but not qualified) in any legal issues relating to the Foundation. She is a Board member of the Wikimedia Foundation and Vice President of Wikia. She was formerly an educational researcher and test developer and holds an honours degree in Human Psychology.

My real name is Florence Devouard. I am French, a woman of 37. I joined wikipedia early 2002. I'm currently a board member of Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia France, which is essentially the reason of my presence on the juriwiki-l.

I studied agricultural sciences as well as computer sciences. I have no education in law whatsoever, a bit of education in accounting.

My name is Stephen Bain, I'm a student at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, in the third year of an arts/law degree. I hope to help in the unlikely event that issues arise relating to Australian law.

I'm also interested in legal issues relating to OTRS, where I'm a volunteer, and issues around the planned Australian chapter of the Foundation.


I am a political science major and I am willing to do small tasks to save the Legal Department time and energy. Feel free to contact me!

-Matthew Williams

I requested membership in the list on my own initiative. I have a general legal education which at this point is rather out of date. I am active on Wikipedia mainly in the context of the Arbitration Committee.

I will try from time to time to contribute regarding matters which I am able to with respect to questions raised as I did in the question of the Pablo Picasso copyrights.

On the negative side, I am the originator of a fork of Wikipedia, Wikinfo, which I continue to devote the majority of my time to. My purpose here is not to continue discussion regarding that but to contribute to Wikipedia which I consider an important project. Especially with respect to copyrights, as material used on Wikipedia, is either used or accessible from Wikinfo and affects it also.

Chairman of Wikimedia Deutschland; no professional legal background

Treasurer of the Wikimedia Foundation

Delphine Ménard, member of the board of Wikimédia France and Chair of the Chapters committee. I am interested particularly in trademark and logo licensing issues for Chapters across the world, as well as tax-deductibility possibilities between Foundation and chapters. I have no legal education per se, although my role as president of the French Association of the United World Colleges has given me a good idea of legal ties and representation issues within an international organisation.

i was invited to the list. i am here for the purpose of being informed about legal matters, being involved in setting up a dutch chapter. i am a professional composer and know a bit about the legal aspects concerning music, but am by no way a specialist in legal matters generally.

I'm Nicolas Weeger, software consultant for a contracting company. Active Wikipedian (fr) participant since more than 2 years; i'm currently chairman of the french local chapter (Wikimédia France).

I have no knowledge of legislation (apart common-usually-slightly-wrong knowledge people can usually have), but am eager to learn interesting things on this list.

Also worth mentioning that, if anything judicial were to happen in France, the chapter would be in the front line, thus i'm glad to have this list if the needs should arise (but i certainly don't want to need it!).

I was invited to the list. What I bring to the list is my knowledge on legal issues and discussions on/ surrounding Japanese Wikipedia, and some knowledge of Japanese laws. But I am not a lawyer or formally trained or educated in the field of law.

User:Alex Bakharev


Hi, I am a sysdmin on English Wiki, mostly interested in Russian and xSU themes. I could arrange some translations and research if needed Alex Bakharev 00:22, 16 May 2006 (UTC)Reply


On the English-language wikipedia there is a mechanism for dealing with mirrors of the Wikipedia that don't follow the GFDL, but I wasn't able to find anything for individual violations of Wikipedia copyright. I found an answer at Yahoo! Answers where someone had copied the Wikipedia article on w:Zip Code and had passed it off as their own work without any attribution to the Wikipedia. When I contacted Yahoo, they basically said they won't do anything about it unless the copyright violation notification follows their requirements exactly (see [1]).

Here is the Yahoo! Answer page [2]. The copyright violation is the answer by AnxiousVigilante. BlankVerse 21:38, 18 July 2006 (UTC)Reply



How about blanking the page and leave a short message this is an obsolated project and the past content may be found from history page for preventing further misunderstanding? --Aphaia 19:07, 17 October 2008 (UTC)Reply

Seems like a good plan - have gone ahead and done so. Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of? WJBscribe (talk) 19:19, 17 October 2008 (UTC)Reply
That is. Thanks :) --Aphaia 19:26, 17 October 2008 (UTC)Reply
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