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This is still a draft committee; the members below are the first active participants. Please list your interest and get involved on the talk page and the task list!

Sister Projects Committee members
Member Languages Location (time zone) Background
Abigor NL, en-3 de-2 Netherlands LangCom member, incubator and mediawiki administrator
Amqui fr, frc-4, en-4, es-1, it-1 Canada (UTC-7, -6 in Summer) Wikipedist since 2006. See crossWikiness. Have been a steward. Sysop on 3 small wikipedias and creator and contributor on several test-wikipedias of the Incubator (and test-sysop on some of them). Editor on French Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikinews and Wiktionary (also sysop on the last three) as well as Commons, Meta and English Wikipedia. Experience with French Wikiversity and Wikiquote as well as OmegaWiki, TranslateWiki and OpenStreetsMap outside WMF. Small contributions on a lot of other projects and involved in outreach as part of the Canadian Aboriginal Languages Wikipedia Coordination. Member of Wikimedia Canada. Easily reachable on IRC.
Étienne Beaulé (Ebe123) fr, en-5, frc-3, it-1, qu-1 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (UTC-3) Wikipedist since 2010. Sysop at 2 wikis (incubator and strategy). Observer of LangCom.
Fajro es, eo-2, en-2 Buenos Aires, Argentina (UTC-3) Wikipedist since 2004. Founding member of Wikimedia Argentina. Observer in Langcom. Wikignome.
GChriss en United States (UTC-4) Wikimedian since 2006.  Most known for (an active proposal) and to a lesser degree, the Penn State Wiki
James Heilman (Jmh649) English and some French Canada but work shift work Wikipedian since 2007, Admin on EN, Founding member of Wikimedia Canada and Wiki Project Med Foundation
John Vandenberg en Armidale, Australia (UTC+10) Wikis since 2006. Founding member and current president of Wikimedia Australia.
Patricio Molina (Mahadeva) es, en-3 Buenos Aires, Argentina (UTC-3) Bureaucrat in Wikipedia en español since 2006. Board member in Wikimedia Argentina since its foundation in 2007.
MF-Warburg de, en-3, fr-1, tet-1, la-1 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (UTC+2:00) contributing to Wikipedia, a long time ago also to Wikibooks. Bureaucrat on Incubator, member of Langcom, therefore very interested in making use of the experience from there in the process of approving new projects.
Mono en, es-3, fr-1 United States I do stuff.
OhanaUnited en, zh Canada (UTC-5) Bureaucrat at Wikispecies, regional ambassador for Canada Education Program, OTRS member. Have a few agreements with academic journals lined up ready to release their images in CC-3.0. Actively trying to recruit academics/students to contribute beyond just Wikipedia.
Richard Knipel (Pharos) en Brooklyn, New York (UTC-5) Admin on English Wikipedia / Meta / Commons, dabbler in others. Currently president of Wikimedia New York City.
PiRSquared17 en, fr-2, it-1, la-1, lt-0.5 (read most Rom. langs) Admin on Meta, global sysop, interested in this proposal. Would probably only be an observer.
Przykuta pl, en-2 Częstochowa, Poland From pl Wikimedia projects (mostly Wikipedia, Wikinews), Commons, backstage projects too.
Marcin Cieślak (Saper) pl, en, de, ru Usually between 8° E and 21° E in the northern hemisphere. Coming from plwikipedia mostly. Active developer of MediaWiki and some extensions. Keen user of wikisource. Gave up on wiktionary long time ago. Easily reachable via IRC.
Samuel Klein (Sj) en, de-2, es-2, fr-2 Cambridge, Massachusetts From meta and en:wp, have contributed bits to wb, ws, wv, wn, wikt, commons, wikispecies. (sorry wq) Interested in wikidata, wikischolar, omegawiki, rodovid, wikikids.
Paweł Zienowicz (Sp5uhe) pl, en-2 Warszawa, Poland OTRS-member, MediaWiki translator
Bureaucrat on pl-wikiquote, pl-wikisource,
SysOp on pl-wikibooks, pl-wikimedia, pl-wikinews, pl-wikiquite, pl-wikisource, pl-wiktionary
Thehelpfulone en, es-2, fr-2 London, United Kingdom (UTC+1) Admin on the English Wikipedia, admin & crat at Meta, OTRS agent and Langcom Observer. You can usually find me in most Wikimedia IRC channels as Thehelpfulone when I'm online.
Ziko van Dijk (Ziko)
Aschmidt (Aschmidt) Germany, UTC+2 Pls. cf. my user page.
Odisha1 w:India, (UTC+5:30)
Hubertl de, en-3, es-1 Austria, UTC+2 Active since 2004, de:WP, Commons, Wikisource. Permanent Wikipedian in residence, since 2012. My focus is on community work, especially the courting of new authors and collaborations with external institutions.
Micru ca, es, en-3, de-2, fr-2 Montreal, UTC-5/-4 Wikisource User Group
LauraHale en Spain, UTC+2 Mostly active on Wikinews, and English Wikipedia
Base (talk) uk, ru-4, en-2. Can read be, be-tarask. EET (UTC+2), EEST (UTC+3) in summer time Currently ukwn and ukwq sysop; Was or is invlved in voy, wd, commons and wp as well